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What vaccine against the coronavirus should I get according to my population group?

Which vaccine does it take according to age and population group: Comirnaty, Moderna or AstraZeneca?

Which vaccine does it take according to age and population group: Comirnaty, Moderna or AstraZeneca?

The vaccination strategy in front of coronavirus of Ministry of Health It has been updated for the month of March. In this way, the plan includes the inclusion of new age groups pending the arrival of the doses of Johnson & Johnson. Likewise, for organizational reasons, it is established that the vaccination of the groups included in groups 3A (health, dental and dental hygiene personnel), 4 (large non-institutionalized dependents), 5 (people over 60 years old), 6 (security forces, emergencies and teachers) and 9 (people from 45 to 55 years old).

As Health indicates in the document, vaccination is carried out as doses of vaccines become available. In the same way, they explain that the prioritization has been carried out based on “ethical criteria and scientific evidence”, beginning with the immunization of the most vulnerable people and those with the highest risk of exposure and transmission to other people.

Below we reproduce the table in which the vaccines to be administered according to population groups are specified. The classification is divided between those of AstraZeneca and those of type MRNA (Pfizer / Biotench, called Comirnaty and Moderna):

Population groups and type of vaccine to be administered, according to the strategy of the Ministry of Health. INFORMATION

Comirnaty and Moderna or AstraZeneca

Now, why is this distinction of vaccines made according to the population group? The first two vaccines available (Comirnaty and Modern) require freezing to maintain stability during medium and long-term storage. And, as detailed in the vaccination plan, phase III clinical trials showed data of efficacy and safety of its use in adults of all ages, including the elderly and people with risk conditions.

Likewise, they point out that Comirnaty’s vaccination schedule is two doses of 0.3 ml with a separation of 21 days between the doses. For its part, Moderna’s regimen is two doses of 0.5 ml with a separation of 28 days between the doses. These vaccines will continue to be used to vaccinate the most vulnerable people due to their high age or risk factors related to a worse prognosis due to coronavirus.

Which vaccine does it take according to age and population group: Comirnaty, Moderna or AstraZeneca?

For its part, that of AstraZeneca, available from the beginning of February 2021 and, as indicated by the Ministry of Health in its strategy, the phase III clinical trials carried out with this vaccine provided limited data in over 55 on its effectiveness. This has led to recommend for the time being its use in people between 18 and 55 years of age until data from clinical trials are pending completion.

Similarly, they point out in this document updated on February 26 that “frequent mild local and systemic reactions are observed after vaccination.” Thus, they indicate that doses of 1 gram of paracetamol can be used prior to vaccination, followed by 1 gram every 6 hours during the first 24 hours, which “significantly reduces local pain, low-grade fever, chills, myalgias, headache and postvaccinal discomfort, without influencing the immune response “.


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