Tuesday, May 17

What was the Paris Commune 150 years ago and how it changed the history of the labor movement in Latin America

  • Boris Miranda (@ivanbor)
  • BBC World News

Paris in revolt

Image source, Getty Images


The Paris Commune was an experience of workers’ government that lasted 61 days.

The news arrived more than a month late in Latin America and contained such distortions that they suggested that what was happening in the French capital was some kind of sinister orgy.

Despite this, 150 years ago, the Paris Commune would end up becoming one of the almost founding landmarks of the labor movement in the region.

And, as the researchers point out, it was the inspiration for numerous communist and proletarian movements that throughout the 20th century attempted “take heaven by storm“as the Parisian commoners did between March and May 1871.

In addition to one of the main letters of presentation of the ideas of a stubborn, reviled and revered German like Karl Marx.


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