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What we do wrong on the beach

The Local Police of Elche has lifted about 470 sanctions this summer for breaches of different local ordinances on the beaches of Arenales del Sol, El Altet and La Marina. The Maritime Group and Tourist Assistance of the Police (Grumat) have ensured this summer for safety on the beaches to avoid problems such as theft but also to warn users of what they cannot do when they step on the sand and to sanction for non-compliance .

This article details which have been the most common infractions this summer season, which has also been marked by restrictions to stop new infections of coronavirus.


130 penalties

The Local Police has lifted 130 sanctions to users who went with their pets to the beaches, thus breaching the beach ordinance in force, which dates from 2010. The local regulations have four articles that regulate the access of animals, which only allows in the case of dogs destined to rescue or aid work for people in need.

The other allowed assumption is in the case of assistance dogs and that therefore have been trained in officially recognized specialized centers to accompany and assist people with disabilities, and for this they must be accredited as a trademark by regional law. The term of Elche does not have any sandy area enabled for pets as nearby municipalities such as Santa Pola despite the fact that it was tried to manage in previous mandates.


58 minutes

The Local Police through the Grumat has raised 58 sanction proposals for breaching the Valencian Public Health Law that prohibits bottles on public roads, in this case on the beaches. This newspaper recently pointed out that this summer the influx on Elche’s beaches has increased, which has generated a certain conflict between residents and users who made bottles at dawn in hidden places, leaving the trail of bottles and glasses the next day. The Department of Citizen Security pointed out at the time that in addition to surveillance they have the deterrent component of the beach cleaning machinery that helps to dissolve the groups that remain on the sand at night. The Generalitat Valenciana also stressed this summer that fines for making a bottle can amount to 30,000. 32 people have also been fined for forming groups greater than what is allowed based on the sanitary restriction and 16 for not wearing a mask when the safety distance was not ensured.

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44 fines

The recreational activity of fishing is prohibited on the shore and breakwaters from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. in summer time because it is assumed to be the busiest time zone. At the municipal level, they therefore try to prevent bathers from coming together in the same space with fishing gear to prevent accidents with rods or hooks.

So far this summer, 20 sanction proposals have been made for breaching these schedules. Similarly, there have also been another 22 infractions this summer for poaching chapters (without a license) and two penalties for catching specimens of smaller size than allowed.


1,000 products seized

The agents have seized on the beaches this summer more than 1,000 items that were not regulated in the local ordinance, such as the sale of clothing or any other type of product such as drink or food on the sand, whose sellers did not have authorization. 13 sanctions have been filed for breaching the beach ordinance, which also penalizes for charging for massages if it is not an authorized place.


62 penalized

Although there is a part of the population that does not know it, access to the beach with glass containers is not allowed to avoid the eventual breakage of bottles that could generate a danger in the sand. Since June 62 sanctions have been lifted for this purpose. The glass containers of the beach kiosks are excluded from the section of the local ordinance, which cannot be removed from the activity concession area except for their deposit in the appropriate containers.

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9 cases

The agents have detected this season nine cases of users who were directing pleasure boats without the proper qualification as marked by ministerial orders. Along the way, three owners invaded the bathing area with their boats and in two cases these boats did not have the registration number visible. On the other hand, up to 14 reports have been sent to the Territorial Service of the Maritime Captaincy of Alicante.


5 fines

Five people have skipped the recommendations of the first aid and rescue team when entering the water with a red flag. This gesture is considered a serious infraction within the beach ordinance that can be penalized with fines of between 300 and 1,500 euros.


33 penalized

Citizenship in the arena can sometimes be conspicuous by its absence among some users. The City Council has notified up to 33 penalties for breaching the cleaning ordinance. In addition, three fines have also been imposed for urinating on the beach. In the same way, two minutes have been drawn up for barbecues in the sand, when fire is only allowed when authorized by the administration on key dates such as the Night of San Juan.


24 penalized

The Local Police has filed 24 penalties for possession and consumption of narcotics, 22 for disobedience to the agents, two for disturbing public order on the beach and three for disrespecting the police. A user was also fined for masturbating in public, thus violating the law for the protection of Citizen Security.

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3 detainees

The Local Police arrested this summer an individual for robbery with intimidation using a knife, another for harassing a woman on the beach. A man was also arrested for attacking the officers.

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