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What would prevent Congress from approving Biden’s economic package?

Although the Senate parliamentary office believes that Democrats can amend the reconciliation rule to apply it to the president’s $ 2.25 billion bill. Joe Biden, there is another problem to solve whose name is Joe Manchin (West Virginia).

Senator Manchin has become a stone in the way for Democrats to take advantage of their limited majority in that chamber, as he complicated the negotiations of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) and now he has advanced his rejection of part of the infrastructure and job creation project promoted by President Biden.

Manchin criticizes the increase to the corporate tax to 28% and suggests that it be to 25%, but President Biden has sent messages of not wanting to negotiate that part, because he considers it important to finance his plan, in addition to criticizing that the rate fell from 36% to 21% in 2017, when Republicans approved a 14-point crash.

“If I don’t vote to participate, (the project) will not go anywhere”Manchin boasted to Metro News in his home state. “The bill should be changed from the way it is… There are six or seven other Democrats who are very convinced of this. We have to be competitive and we are not going to lose caution ”.

Republicans have rejected the tax increase, but Manchin believes that “it should never go below 25 percent.”

The White House spokesperson, Jen Psaki, expressed that the president is prepared to negotiate with Manchin and the other senators who oppose the project.

“He knows that some will come up with different ways to pay for this project, and some may have opinions that it shouldn’t be paid at all.”Psaki said. “So we expect that from Senator Manchin and other members, and we hope that the question of how to pay for the package, whether we should pay for the package, will be part of the debate.”

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The spokeswoman did not want to delve into whether President Biden would accept a rate of 25%, instead of 28%.

CNN reported that Democrats have the advantage of the decision of the parliamentarian in the Senate, but it remains to be defined exactly how senators can adjust the rule and apply it.

The Senator’s leader, Chuck Schumer (New York), told the television that the decision of the parliamentarian will help his caucus to stop the obstructionist attempt of the Republicans, despite the fact that the plan aims to reduce the inequality gap.

“The parliamentarian has reported that a revised budget resolution may contain budget reconciliation instructions”Schumer said. “Allow Democrats additional tools to improve the lives of Americans if Republican obstruction continues.”

Support from economists

A group of 70 renowned economists from different universities in the country announced their support for President Biden’s bill to boost the economy

“We need large-scale public investments that build on the growth driven by the American Rescue Plan and create millions of high-paying jobs,” experts say. “A multi-million dollar infrastructure investment like the one President Biden introduced last week will help pave the way for sustainable and equitable economic growth and will pay off in the long term.”.

The experts begin the letter by stating that it is time for the country to go “big”, after the COVID-19 pandemic, which revealed marked social and economic differences.

“The coronavirus pandemic exposed the consequences of decades of underinvestment in our communities,” they say. “This has been a devastating blow to American workers, families and small businesses, especially in communities of color.”

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Specialists highlight that President Biden’s proposal takes into account the country’s needs in road infrastructure, bridges, transportation, housing, broadband and attention to the environment, as well as laying the foundations for the development of new technologies.

And the states?

Spokeswoman Psaki was questioned on Tuesday about how states could obtain subsidies for infrastructure in their regions, to which she replied that it will depend on the rules contemplated by Congress.

“Ultimately it will depend on Congress and something that we will have a conversation about with members and committees,” he said.

Psaki also referred to local transportation projects, such as subway or buses.

“We expect a combination to be discussed, be it formula grants or competitive grants.”, He said. “Formula grants are allocated to states based on certain criteria, such as the number of miles on an interstate or a population in an urban area … Most of our existing transportation funds flow through formula grants.” .

He added that the competitive ones are determined directly by Congress, he even pointed out that the financing for the 10 most important bridges in the country would remain in that figure.

Advantages of the plan

President Biden defends his project considering that it will attend several pending at the same time:


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