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What you have to do every night to lose weight while you sleep

What you have to do every night to lose weight while you sleep.

What you have to do every night to lose weight while you sleep.

Take care of the diet and lose weight it’s not the only thing you should do to lose weight and face the operation bikini. And it is that to lose weight you also need two things that, perhaps, you had not thought about: pen and paper. These two tools are very useful since you have to write down every day the steps you have walked (the health application of your mobile phone tells you). In this you have to be very strict and write it down every day since otherwise you will grant yourself too many “grace periods”.

If you do more than 10,0000 steps, each day you are going to start slim down. And if you set yourself as a “challenge” to write down the result of your physical activity every night, you will be more aware of how well (or bad) you have done and you will be able to rectify it in time.

But how are the nutritionists so sure that doing about 10,000 or even 15,000 steps a day are you going to lose weight? Well, for several reasons. The first one is that walking burns a lot of fat and you consume a lot calories. The mechanism of the body could not be simpler. You only get thinner if you have a caloric deficit. This is: it does not matter what you read online only you will lose weight if you consume more calories than you put into your body. This is why moving is so important. Now: to move you don’t have to go to the gym every day during five hours.

Making you move more you will gain in health. If you are going to work by car, try to leave the vehicle several blocks before your office. If you get home at eight o’clock in the afternoon don’t throw yourself on the couch, take a couple of laps around the block. Any excuse is good to go adding steps.

How to lose weight by sleeping

Doctors and nutritionists insist that to ensure that our brain and body function properly we have to sleep for, at least, seven hours a day. It doesn’t matter where you get the time from but you have to give your night’s rest the importance it deserves. If you are not rested you will not be able to face the challenges of day to day. And there is the first key to why sleep makes you lose weight.

If you do not sleep and rest the hours you need each day (between seven and eight hours for an average adult), you will not be able to exercise and your body will also need an “extra energy” that it will only get if you abuse calories and calories. ultra-processed: the most harmful foods for both your health and your goal of losing weight. If you are tired, you don’t go to the gym or go for a run or even walk the steps you have to take every day to be healthy. In addition, lack of sleep can alter your character and even affect your relationship with others.

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