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What’s America’s Favorite Fried Chicken Restaurant?

The fried chicken restaurants have been a favorite in the United States during this pandemic. At least they are the ones who have lost the least visits in the food industry according to a report presented by Top Agency.

With people cooking and eating more at home, visits to fast food restaurants decreased. According to the analysis of consumer data, the percentage of reduction in visits to fast food restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic was 23%.

Burger restaurants had a 15% drop, but hamburger restaurants fried chicken had a much smaller drop, from 6%.

There were even those who increased their sales. Like chain Chick-fil-A which grew its sales by 23%. Although that does not mean that Chick-fil-A is the favorite in the country, according to the Top Data list it was not even in some state although it finished in the top five positions.

The most popular fried chicken restaurant in America is …

Being the number one of 14 states, KFC It is the most popular fried chicken restaurant from United States.

Where do people iYork, butrk prefer to eat fried chicken?

The favorite fried chicken restaurant iYork, butrk is KFC, followed by Church’s Chicken, Chik-fil-A is in their place and Popeyes in fourth.

KFC fan statuses are:

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. To see the favorites of each state, visit the full report of Top Data.

KFC is not Kentucky’s favorite

“Nobody is a prophet in their own land” says a popular biblical phrase, KFC (formerly Kentucky Fried Chicken) is not Kentucky’s favorite. According to the new report, Kentucky’s favorite is Bojangles, followed by Baby’s, in their place is Popeyes, KFC in fourth and Chik-fil-A in fifth place.

In view of the success of chicken and that it is expected to continue, hamburger chains also want to take advantage of it to increase their sales. Now there is a war to make the best fried chicken burgers that win over chicken fanatics.

Chik-fil-A has maintained the success of its “original” chicken burger”. Popeyes decided to launch his own chicken sandwich in 2019 and their sales grew by 21.5% in the last three months. Wendy’s also launched its chicken burger in 2020 and in a month McDonald’s adds three versions of the chicken burger to its menu across the country.

In news involving fast food preference data. In another suUTV, KUTV published the results of the map data with the scan of negative mentions fast food restaurants hated in over 180,000 tweets geotagged during last three months. Taco bell is one of the popular fast food restaurant chains Most hated iYork, butrk but he is not the only nor the most hated in all states United.

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