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WhatsApp: the three new features that users were crying out for arrive

Plus sheet metal and paint for WhatsApp. The app of instant messaging of Meta is in full change process and everything points to the 2022 will be the year of transformation: more arrive functionalities whose objective is to improve the service and make the experience of the users. The platform has introduced great new features in recent months. The most relevant came in May, when the application implemented the reaction with ’emojis’ to messages on all devices. More will be introduced soon and we will explain them below, but you will have to be aware of whether your operating system (iOS or Android) will support them.

The six emoticons that allow you to react to messages have left the rest of the improvements that WhatsApp is implementing in the background. Users wanted to proceed as in Facebook, which for years has allowed people to respond to posts with a thumbs up, a heart, two hands colliding, a laughing, surprised or crying face. For a month, it is already possible on WhatsApp.

Reactions on WhatsApp start rolling out today 👍❤️😂😮😢🙏

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday, May 5, 2022

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the company he runs mark zuckerberg announced two other features in May. On the one hand, the improvement of shared links in the states. In this sense, WhatsApp will allow you to see a rich preview of URLs with text and image instead of the link that now appears.

On the other, you will be able to leave the groups without making noise. Only administrators will be notified when a user decides to leave a group. In both cases, these new features will be available soon in the iOS, Android and desktop versions of the messaging application. The three changes that are coming will not leave users indifferent either. Moreover, they will comply with their wishes because they were crying out for them. They are the following:

Users asked Screams can Edit the Sent messages so, in case of committing misspellings, avoid deleting them to rewrite them or directly write a new one indicating the correction. It was not only a grammar question: they highlighted the importance of being able to edit them to modify or expand information and, in this way, not fill the chat with endless message chains.

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In this novelty there will be a what: the experts predict that they will not be able to be edited sine die. Rather, users will have a Limited time (very specific, they estimate) to edit them, as happens every time someone wants to delete a message in a group chat, which can only be done after an hour.

It is true that in 2022 WhatsApp launched the option ‘Stand out‘, which enables flag specific messages to be able to review them at another time, but it is not an update that will mark the history of the platform: the volume of information is such that this functionality has been relegated to very specific cases.

Recover deleted messages

With this new feature it will be possible recover the messages that have been deleted and thus will not disappear permanently. It will suffice ‘undo‘ the action. This function is still in development and we will have to wait to see when it will arrive definitively. Yes, it has transpired that it is already being tested on devices that have the latest beta update for Android.

Currently, the messaging ‘app’ only offers the possibility of delete messages in a group chat using the ‘Delete for me’ and ‘Delete for everyone’ options.

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