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Whatsapp WEB: Why does it work slower?

The application of whatsapp instant messaging activated a feature last November to receive and send messages from its web extension without the need for the mobile phone to be turned on or connected to a wireless network.

The application then extended the multi-device option to all users through the ‘Linked devices’ option, which offers the version for several devices (a total of four, separate mobile) without having to stay connected to the internet or have the mobile turned on.

No battery or Wi-Fi

This service allows you to follow chatting if the phone runs out of battery or does not have a Wi-Fi network in optimal conditions. Previously, for it to work, it was necessary for the mobile to be turned on and connected to the network, but with this update (using the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS (, version 2.2142.12 of WhatsApp for Android and the version 2.2140.12 of WhatsApp for Desktop) is now possible do it with the mobile turned off.

In addition, there is also the possibility to calls and video calls from Whatsapp Web with the mobile offline.

slower than normal

However, since this option is in force, the message synchronization takes longer than usual to start the chat from Whatsapp Web, regardless of whether the computer is from the Pleistocene or with a speed suitable for professional ‘gamers’.

The Facebook Meta app is aware of the situation and has posted on its official website a clarification, due to the multiple complaints that occur on social networks. “We’ve heard feedback from our users that we still have a long way to go. We’re working on improvements for a faster and more reliable experience on linked devices,” she added.

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App problems

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In other words, the fact that the messages take so long to load is not due to the users’ Internet connection or the capacity of the computer, but rather, by dispensing with the mobile phone on which the WhatsApp account of the person, the Web version performs a more effort to synchronize all messages and media files.

For now, there is no way that users can do anything to fix the bug and we have to wait for the app developers fix it with a new update for WhatsApp Web, which does not yet have a planned release date.

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