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When could Social Security beneficiaries receive the stimulus check?

All Social Security recipients should be entitled to receive the third stimulus check that was included in the American Rescue Plan, but administrative problems have caused their payments to be delayed for weeks.

Apparently the SSA had not provided the pertinent information of the applicants necessary for the IRS to process the payments. leaving about 30 million Americans without their direct payments.

Although the SSA has confirmed that it has provided the information, Payments may take time to reach those who need them, especially to retirees and people with some kind of disability.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a program designed to provide monthly payments to Americans with disabilities and people age 65 and older.

The aid is subject to certain income and resource limits to ensure that the money reaches those who need it. The program works in parallel with Social Security disability or retirement benefits and SSI applicants can also receive the stimulus check.

SSI recipients are among those affected by the stimulus check delay because their programs are also overseen by the SSA. In February this year, nearly eight million Americans received SSI assistance, and all of them should have received the $ 1,400 stimulus check as well.

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What is the cause of the stimulus check delay?

The delay in the payment of stimulus checks was at the center of a letter from the House Ways and Means Committee that was sent on Wednesday, demanding an explanation for the delay. The letter asked the SSA to help expedite payment to the 30 million beneficiaries of Social Security programs who have not yet received aid..

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The pressure appears to have paid off as on Thursday the group of lawmakers issued a press release confirming that “the agency has sent the IRS the necessary payment files that have been blocking the sending of stimulus payments to nearly 30 million US dollars. Americans ”.

Social Security recipients may receive stimulus check payments in the form of direct deposit, the fastest distribution method used by the IRS. I know you are one of the people who claim SSI or any other program administered by the SSA you could start receiving payments of $ 1,400 dollars in the next few days.

The statement of the Ways and Means Committee of the House of Representatives hopes that the process will be considered as quickly as possible since “will not tolerate any further delays“.

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