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When does March Madness start? Complete schedule for the first four games of Round 1 in the 2021 NCAA Tournament

The monstrosity that is the NCAA Tournament is back.

In terms of size and scope, nothing in the American sports lexicon can begin to come close to March Madness, which in 2021 spans 23 days from Selection Sunday on March 14 to the national title game on Monday, April 5.

Throw in a plethora of TV networks and various streaming options for the 67-game tournament, and it can be a dizzying affair to keep up with, if Sporting News hadn’t bothered to jot down all the important dates for the entire tournament. .

Here’s everything you need to know for March Madness in 2021, including dates, times, and television information:

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When does March Madness start?

  • First four: March 18th
  • Round 1: March, 19
  • The last four: April 3-5

That depends on who you ask; It could be the NCAA tournament selection program, which reveals the NCAA tournament’s starting field of 68 teams. Or it could be the First Four, which helps establish the final field of 64 teams. Or it could be the first round, which marks the start of the tournament proper. Or, for those casual fans who only care about the national championship, it could be argued that it starts with the Final Four.

Regardless, below is the full tournament schedule, from Selection Sunday to the national championship game:

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2021 NCAA Tournament Schedule

Sunday Selection

Sunday March 14

Time (ET)television
6 pmCBS, fuboTV

First four

Thursday March 18

GameTime (ET)television
Game 15 pmtruTV
Game 26:20 pmTBS
Game 38:30 pmtruTV
Game 49:50 pmTBS

Round 1

Friday March 19

GameTime (ET)television
Game 5MiddayCBS, fuboTV
Game 612:30 pmtruTV
Game 71 p. M.TBS
Game 81:30 in the afternoonTNT
Game 92:45 pmCBS, fuboTV
Game 103:20 pmtruTV
Game 113:50 pmTBS
Game 124:20 pmTNT
Game 136:15 pmTBS
Game 147 pmCBS, fuboTV
Game 157 pmtruTV
Game 167:15 pmTNT
Game 179:10 pmTBS
Game 189:30 pmCBS, fuboTV
Game 199:45 pmtruTV
Game 209:50 pmTNT

Saturday March 20

GameTime (ET)television
Game 21MiddayCBS, fuboTV
Game 2212:30 pmtruTV
Game 231 p. M.TBS
Game 241:30 in the afternoonTNT
Game 252:45 pmCBS, fuboTV
Game 263:20 pmtruTV
Game 273:50 pmTBS
Game 284:20 pmTNT
Game 296:15 pmTBS
Game 307 pmCBS, fuboTV
Game 317 pmtruTV
Game 327:15 pmTNT
Game 339:10 pmTBS
Game 349:30 pmCBS, fuboTV
Game 359:45 pmtruTV
Game 369:50 pmTNT

Round 2

Sunday March 21

GameTime (ET)television
Game 37MiddayCBS, fuboTV
Game 382:30 pmCBS, fuboTV
Game 395 pmCBS, fuboTV
Game 406 pmTNT
Game 417 pmTBS
Game 427:30 pmtruTV
Game 438:30 pmTNT
Game 449:30 pmTBS

Monday March 22

GameTime (ET)television
Game 45MiddayCBS, fuboTV
Game 462:30 pmCBS, fuboTV
Game 475 pmTBS
Game 486 pmTNT
Game 49 / td>7 pmCBS, fuboTV
Game 507:30 pmTBS
Game 518:30 pmTNT
Game 529:30 pmCBS, fuboTV

Sweet 16

Saturday March 27

GameTime (ET)television
Game 532:30 pmCBS, fuboTV
Game 545 pmCBS, fuboTV
Game 557:15 pmTBS
Game 569:45 pmTBS

Sunday March 28

GameTime (ET)television
Game 572 pmCBS, fuboTV
Game 584:45 pmCBS, fuboTV
Game 597 pmTBS
Game 609:45 pmTBS

Elite eight

Monday March 29

GameTime (ET)television
Game 617 pmCBS, fuboTV
Game 629:45 pmCBS, fuboTV

Tuesday March 30

GameTime (ET)television
Game 637 pmTBS
Game 649:45 pmTBS

The last four

Saturday April 3

GameTime (ET)television
Game 655 pmCBS, fuboTV
Game 668:30 pmCBS, fuboTV

NCAA tournament national championship game

Saturday April 3

GameTime (ET)television
Game 679 p. M.CBS, fuboTV

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