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when, in which stadium it will be played and more

(CNN Spanish) – The road to Super Bowl 2022 is underway and the teams that will face off will be revealed soon.

Sunday January 9 will be the last date of the regular season before the playoffs that will begin on the 15th of this month.

When is Super Bowl 2022?

The regular season culminates with the week 18 games. From there, Super Bowl LVI, which will be played on Sunday, February 13, 2022, will be close to hand.

What is the stadium?

Super Bowl 2022 will take place at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, in Los Angeles County, California, confirmed the NFL since February 9 of last year.

The NFL also said that Los Angeles was the city that hosted the first Super Bowl in 1967, when the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Green Bay Packers, team that was champion by a score of 35 to 10.

Also, Super Bowl 2022 will be the first to be held in Los Angeles since 1993, when it was played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.

Where to buy tickets?

“We ask the fans to continue to do their best to stay safe so that we can be together next year at SoFi Stadium,” said in February E. Stanley Kroenke, owner / president of the Los Angeles Rams, and developer of SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park.

Tickets and packages are already on sale at On Location, official NFL site to buy luxury experiences for the event.

In Ticketmaster Playoff tickets and Super Bowl LVI will also be sold.

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Super Bowl halftime show

It is one of the most anticipated moments of the event. On this occasion, several rap legends will participate: Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar, as reported by Pepsi, the NFL and Roc Nation in September.

The Super Bowl LV halftime show, in which the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were crowned on February 7, 2021, was hosted by The Weeknd.

A game from more than 50 years ago defined the Super Bowl as we know it today

Millions of people watching a game and millions of dollars per televised ad. And also a little football. This is the Super Bowl, and this is almost entirely due to a game that was played 50 years ago.

Back then, in Super Bowl III, the AFL’s New York Jets defeated the NFL’s Baltimore Colts, a fact that has come to define the Super Bowl as we know it today.

This, thanks to a perfect confluence of events: Jets quarterback “Broadway” Joe Namath, with his long hair, fur coats and white shoes, predicting his weaker team would win; Namath against the establishment of professional football; It was in 1969, a year before the AFL and the NFL officially merged into a merger that would change professional soccer forever.

For the full story, click here.

Why is the Super Bowl so popular in Mexico?

American football is one of the most popular and traditional in the United States; However, in Mexico he also has a great hobby.

Is there a specific reason why Mexicans like American football, taking into account that it is a highly soccer-oriented country? Well, it is not just one reason, but several.

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The Mexican Association of Online Sales conducted a survey to learn about the consumption habits of American football fans in Mexico and found the main reasons why they watch this event year after year.

In the following video, you can find out what they are:

Why do we like to watch the Super Bowl? 1:15

Super Bowl LV was disappointing in terms of ratings. Why?

In the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, Super Bowl LV was an NFL championship game like no other. Health workers already vaccinated against the new coronavirus were able to attend, but we could not see a full stadium as is customary.

Although the broadcast had a sizeable audience, it was smaller than last year.

Why did this happened? Learn about the reasons and the ratings for Super Bowl LV in the following video.

So were the Super Bowl LV ratings 1:37

How do you make an American football?

The American brand Wilson is responsible for the manufacture of the American footballs that the NFL uses in its games.

Of course, a sample of how they are manufactured had to be in the curiosity of the fans before the start of the regular season.

In 2019, CNN documented how an official Wilson ball is made for the NFL. You can watch the process below.

This is how an American football is made 2:14


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