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When is the Christmas Giveaway 2020?

A hype from the Christmas Lottery draw.

A hype from the Christmas Lottery draw.

Although 2020 will leave a deep bitter residue, for many people the draw of the Christmas lottery is presented as a little window of illusion in which they have placed their hope.

As in recent years, the Christmas Draw will distribute 2,408 million euros in this Tuesday’s draw. In the case of The Fat Christmas, the prize will be 400,000 euros to the tenth.

As the giveaway approaches, interest grows and doubts about the details of an event that every year in Spain keeps thousands of people awaiting its result. But, When is the 2020 Christmas Giveaway?

The Christmas Lottery celebrates its extraordinary draw on December 22, as is traditional. On this occasion, it will be a Tuesday and, as in previous editions, it will begin at 9.00 (peninsular time) at the Teatro Real in Madrid.

The date of the Christmas Lottery

The 22nd was not, however, the first date chosen for the first draw. The origin of the Christmas Lottery dates back to the time of the Cortes of Cádiz. Then, the minister of the Chamber of the Indies thought that it would be a good way to raise public revenues without harming the suffering taxpayers. And the first draw took place on December 18, 1811.

It was called the Modern Lottery, to differentiate it from the Primitive Lottery started by the Marqués de Esquilache. The current name of Sorteo de Navidad was established on December 23, 1892 and five years later this denomination was already printed on the tickets. Over the years, the tradition is maintained, although the date of celebration has changed to the current 22.

The scene has also changed several times. After more than 40 years handing out Jackpot prizes in the raffle hall on Calle de Guzmán el Bueno, in Madrid, the Extraordinary Christmas Raffle moved in 2010 to the Palacio de Congresos de Madrid in order to accommodate more public and journalists. In 2012, Loterías y Apuestas del Estado chose the Teatro Real to celebrate it, where it will take place again this year.

A different Christmas raffle for the pandemic

This year, however, something will be different. The Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the whole world will force the Christmas raffle to be held without public and with strict sanitary security measures, although the children of San Ildefonso will continue to be the protagonists, this time with a mask except to sing the numbers and with a smaller representation than usual.

In addition, in live broadcasts, children will no longer be able to be heard in traditional interviews after singing the numbers due to the anti-Covid restrictions that will govern the event.

Everything will be different and the public will be missed, absent for the first time in the more than two centuries of Christmas Lottery history. The pandemic will leave the stalls of the Royal Theater empty, where in other years the most loyal fans of the draw were packed. The typical costumes of many of the fans will not be able to be seen in this edition and the merriment and uproar of the live and direct celebrations will not be scenes that are broadcast this year so atypical.

The State Lottery and Gambling Society of the State (SELAE) has anticipated in the previous dates that all these decisions are being taken “at all times taking into account health safety recommendations.”

In relation to the children of San Ildefonso, if about thirty of them usually participate in the Draw, this year this participation will be reduced by almost half, since it is planned that only about 16 children will attend the Royal Theater.

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