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When is the Christmas Gordo 2020 coming out? Christmas 2020 Lottery

On this day prior to Christmas Lottery Raffle 2020 the nerves are on the surface for all the followers of this traditional appointment. Although this year the event will take place without an audience, for the first time in its more than two centuries of history, as a result of the pandemic, the illusion and hopes of its most faithful remain intact. Dreams around Christmas Lottery 2020 are the most special this atypical year. Fantasize about the fact that you have El Gordo It is the most common on these dates and even more so when there are only hours left to know the first prize of the Christmas Lottery 2020, but you know When is the Fat Christmas 2020 coming out?.

Questions and doubts about the Fat Christmas are the most common. Year after year there are a series of questions that become the most repeated, especially as the day of the Draw. That is why, on this eve of December 22, we want to solve one of the main unknowns around the Gordo de la Lotera de Navidad 2020. Beyond knowing what number will come out, people want to know when the Fat Christmas 2020.

This question is difficult to answer since el Gordo can leave at any time. From minute zero when the drums begin to roll, the Gordo de la Lotera de Navidad 2020 may appear before the eyes of children of San Ildefonso. Taking into account that the Draw usually starts at 09:00 hours, there the timer is activated to be able to hear the Fat Christmas 2020. The Draw usually lasts about 4 hours, so it is usually concluded by 1:00 p.m., as all the prizes have already come out. However, as luck is capricious and all the numbers have the same chances of winning, it is not possible to establish an exact time when the Gordo will come out, nor can the rest of the prizes. In this way, the duration of the draw also varies from one edition to another.

Last year, for example, Gordo from the Christmas Lottery It was an early riser. He 26590 it was sung before 9:20 a.m., just about 10 minutes after the Draw started. However, this time cannot serve as a reference, since other years the Gordo it was made to beg and it was the last prize to come out.

Direct from the Christmas Lottery 2020

directoloterian christmas2020

If you don’t want to miss that special moment when the children of San Ildefonso sing the famous “four million euros !!!“, connect from first thing in the morning to our direct from the Christmas Lottery 2020. Through this live broadcast we will tell you all the details of the draw. In this narration you will find out every minute of each and every one of the Christmas Lottery Prizes 2020.

Christmas Lottery Prize Checker 2020

check awardsloterianachristmas2020

Later, once the awards are being sung, you can also check in situ if you have been awarded. To do this, we recommend that you use our Christmas Lottery Prize Checker 2020. Simply, you will have to enter the numbering of the tenths with which you participate in this edition and you will quickly know if you have been awarded or not.

Remember that the Gordo de la Lotera de Navidad 2020 It is endowed with 400,000 euros for the tenth, the second prize with 125,000 euros for the tenth, the third with 50,000 euros for the tenth, the fourths with 20,000 euros for the tenth and the fifth with 6,000 euros for the tenth. Once all these awards have been sung, you still have the option of the stone. Here you can still be lucky with the numbers that most closely approximate the number graced with the Gordo 2020.

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