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When is the draw for the eighth of the Champions League? Date and Time

The draw for the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League will be next Monday, December 13 at 12.00 in Nyon (Switzerland) without the presence of representatives of the teams for the protocols for the pandemic. It can be followed by official website of the Champions.

Tonight ends the Group stage of the with the match between the Villarreal and Atalanta (19.00 hours by movistar +)For the Groguets it is enough to tie the game to be in the drums of the round of 16.

Pot 1 (group winners)

Manchester City (Group A)

Liverpool (Group B)

Ajax (Group C)

R. Madrid (Group D)

Bayern (Group E)

man. United (Group F)

Lille (Group G)

Juventus (Group H)

Pot 2 (group seconds)

PSG (Group A)

A. Madrid (Group B)

Sporting (Group C)

Inter (Group D)

Benfica (Group E)

Villarreal or Atalanta (Group F)

Salzburg (Group G)

Chelsea (Group H)


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The parties of the round of 16 Two teams from the same country cannot pair, nor can two teams that have played in the same group during the first phase and the first group will play the second leg at home. The days of the eighth will be the days 15, 16, 22 and 23.

The quarterfinals will be drawn on March 18th and the days will be held on April 5 and 6 and on April 12 and 13 of the same month. The semifinals will be played, the first leg on April 26 and 27 and the return on May 3 and 4. Finally the grand final will be on May 28 in Russia at the Krestovski Stadium.

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