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When is the second round of the elections in France 2022? Date and candidates

The celebration of the first round of the presidential elections in France, which have been led by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, took place this Sunday, April 10. The decaffeinated campaign and the demobilization that threatened with a high abstention rate, which was finally 26%, caused none of the candidates to obtain an absolute majority.

These are the Key dates for the French elections:

On Friday April 8 At midnight the campaign for the first round ended. Therefore, the presidential candidates could no longer make speeches during the weekend of the 9th and 10th of that same month. Along the same lines, the publication of polls on the elections is not allowed either.

First round

that sunday April 10th the first round of the presidential elections in France took place, the first round of the elections. The current president, Emmanuel Macron, reigned in all surveys voting intention and confirmed his first position. In the race to the Elysee they are followed by the extreme right Marine LePen and the candidate of the rebellious left, Jean-Luc Mélenchonwhich has been left out of the second round after a campaign in ascending progression.

No candidate obtained a majority in the first round, so Macron and Le Pen will repeat their 2017 duel in the second roundafter the Constitutional Council validated the results of the first vote.

The April 15 officially started the official campaign for the second round and will end on Friday, April 22, at midnight.

Second round

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Subsequently, the transfer of powers. The inauguration of the new head of the Elysee must take place on the last day of the outgoing president’s mandate, so the deadline is may 13th -day that Macron’s presidency ends-.

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