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When it is held, which stores participate and which items are the most on sale

Black Friday in Alicante.

Black Friday in Alicante.

The Black Friday (Black Friday, in its translation into Spanish) is a day of sales that intends to give the starting signal at christmas shoppings. It is a custom imported from the United States, where they celebrate it one day after the Thanksgiving Day, this is, November 27. In Spain the Black Friday It has been held for several years and they participate both department stores and small businesses.

In the province of Alicante, Black Friday has more and more popularity, to which are added shops from all the municipalities of the autonomy offering important offers.

When is Black Friday celebrated in Alicante?

In the province, Black Friday will be celebrated on November 27. Although, it will not be surprising that some stores already offer some discounts and offers in the days before their celebration, as well as in the days after. There are also many businesses that they will lower their prices through their websites.

Which cities in Alicante participate in Black Friday?

All. Especially the most populated ones and also the department stores. Even the merchant associations of the smaller municipalities will offer big discounts on November 27 and the days before.

Black Friday in Alicante.

What shops in Alicante participate in Black Friday?

There is no official list of stores in the province that participate in Black Friday next November 27. Although, it is a celebration that has spread in such a way that it has reached even the small councils. For sure, both local business associations and city councils will collaborate to publicize what are the participating businesses. Large surfaces and department stores will also be added.

Given that the discounts they will make this 2020 are still unknown, below we highlight some of those from last year that will possibly be repeated:

  • Zara: 20% on everything.
  • Bershka: up to 50% on selected articles.
  • Bimba and Lola: up to 50%.
  • C&A: 50% on selected items.
  • Unequal: up to 40% on everything.
  • H&M: 20% on everything and free shipping.
  • Mango: 30% on everything.
  • Massimo Dutti: 20% on selected items.
  • Pull & Bear: 20% on everything and free shipping.
  • Springfield: 30% on everything and up to 50% on a selection.
  • Stradivarius: 20% to 40% on selected articles.

What products will be more discounted on Black Friday in Alicante?

Black Friday reaches all kinds of products in the province: from clothes to books, to sporting goods or household appliances. Although, the range of items that usually has the most sales during Black Friday are electronics. Big brands usually take advantage of this date to throw prices and try to boost sales.

Can Black Friday be celebrated despite the coronavirus?

Black Friday will be held in Alicante on November 27 despite the coronavirus pandemic. Of course, it will be done in compliance with security measures dictated by the Government, both the regional and the central to avoid contagion. Both sellers and customers must comply with social distance, wear a mask, disinfect their hands and so on. Regarding the capacity in shops and large surfaces, the guidelines established by the competent authorities must be followed.

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