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When manufacturers go from innovators and launch unexpected cars

That Ferrari launches an SUV is already somewhat controversial but it is not the only thing we have seen over the years. Let’s take a look at some illogical moves by top automakers.

Car brands usually play it safe, but a server often says that history is made based on launches radically different from everything that came before.

Of course, in the case of historic companies like Ferrari, this can generate a lot of animosity…Both among brand lovers and among its detractors.

An SUV coming out of Maranello may seem like a horrifying vision of the future (which will soon be present), and more than one of us would ask Enzo-Ferrari What do you think about that. However, other brands are not far behind.

Over time we will be adding more candidates (surely you can think of a thousand, so leave them on social networks!), but for now we review some of the most controversial and curious decisions in the history of the automotive industry.

Ferrari Purosangue

The sports car brand par excellence is sold in fashion. A fashion that has shown that it can save a company, as happened with Porsche.

Lamborghini, Aston Martin or Bentley have also jumped on the boat of these family cars, so it’s time to put up with it. Soon we will really see the new Ferrari Purosangue.

Mercedes-Benz 190 ‘Baby Benz’

At the time, criticized for entering a segment that the luxury brand ignored. Now? A highly valued classic.

The Mercedes 190 of the generation W201 It had a very advanced technology in its time and almost 2 million units before the appearance of the Mercedes C-Class. And you will never forget the 190EVOwith a 2.3 16v engine with almost 190 hp and that went up to 7,100rpm.

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porsche 968

Another example of ugly duckling in those early nineties. Today you are lucky if you see someone get off the €20,000.

What could be criticized about that racing car was its power unit, which in Porsche had been a boxer engine for years. Instead, he set up a 3.0 liter inline 4 cylinder M44/12 engine in front. Yes, controversial, but its retractable headlights they fall in love with anyone.

Renault Sport Spider

This curious car was produced between 1996 and 1999. It was a roadster two-door (scissor) and a 2.0-litre 16-valve inline 4-cylinder F7R engine.

It was built by Alpine and they saw the light 1,800 units with a power of 150 hp (fairly considering their 930kg weight). As a curiosity, the occupants of this Renault were required to wear a helmet.

Skoda 110 Super Sport

The rather familiar Czech brand had a bit of a lapse in the 1970s with the Skoda 110 Super Sport.

A racing car that is very reminiscent of the later Lancia 037although it had a 1.1 liter engine atmospheric of 73 hp, which was not bad for the situation in Europe at the time. The aesthetics of this Skoda is amazing that even made it to the movies, but that’s another story.

Volkswagen W12

Also know as volkswagen nardo for the car record in 2002 turning the oval during 24 hours at an average of 322.891 km/h. It was a prototype supercar that rolled out of the Volkswagen factory in 1997.

carried a 5.6 liter W12 Syncro engine with 414 hp of power She was about to see the light with 150 units, but the head of the Volkswagen Group did not authorize it. a pity

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