Wednesday, October 20

“When one is sad it is because something is missing; when one is depressed, nothing is needed”

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M Posada

“Las deaths chiquitas” was published by Editorial Planeta in 2019.

Colombian writer Margarita Posada is crying when she answers the call for this interview. I ask her if she prefers to postpone it, but she says no, that “maybe that won’t go away in a day” and she says between sobs that this is the first interview about her book that she will do “while depressed.”

“You think that when the book ends, the depression ends, but it doesn’t,” he explains.

In “Little Deaths”, published by Editorial Planeta in 2019, the author tries to explain -or understand herself during the journey of writing- his depression and what was it that happened before all the times that he fell into an empty abyss after having frantically conquered some summit.

On the one hand, we see a tireless Margarita, with a volcanic personality, who occupies all the spaces through which friends, lovers and family pass.

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