Friday, December 3

When ‘Superman’ makes a fool of himself and much more

Clement Champoussin won at Mos.

Clement Champoussin won at Mos.

You see on TV how Atlético tie a match against Villarreal, with an own goal by the Valencians in 94, a match that should have won by a landslide and you say “Ugh, football is milk, there is nothing like football”.

You see how the Dutch Max Verstappen, a real killer, achieves the ‘pole position’ in his country, in the Netherlands, on the recovered Zandvoort circuit, with a stratospheric fast lap, with thousands of followers with orange torches in the wind and you say “Wow, this F-1 thing is tremendous, yeah”.

You wake up early in the morning and enjoy yourself, and you jump on the sofa and even break the odd cushion with each right hand shot by Carlos Alcaraz from Murcia against the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas, number 3 in the world, whom he leaves in the gutter in NY! after a lot of hours of sidereal tennis with a 6-3, 4-6, 7-6, 0-6 and a memorable 7-6, and you say “Wow, Rafa, there is nothing, nothing, like tennis”.

The god Pereiro

But, when you think that you have already been surprised by and for everything, the good, smart and intelligent Javier Guillén, the ‘capo’ of the Vuelta, goes and asks the monster Óscar Pereiro, winner of the 2006 Tour, to design a penultimate stage to not breathe and leave us speechless and, above all, so that we are forced (despite the horrible performance of TVE, which has been sublime every day of fog, but yesterday it screwed up a lot) to exclaim, at 5:50 p.m., “Nothing, nothing, nothing like high altitude cycling, sacrifice, courage and passion! any!”.

What the good old Pereiro achieved yesterday by designing a stage without great mountain colossi but with a succession of passes and slopes worthy of the best Tour, what else would the Tour want!, Like Morgas, Prado and the Castro de Herville hill, was , not just karat cycling, but rebuild the podium, make one of the best cyclists in the world, Miguel Ángel López (Movistar), left the race in one of the ugliest gestures in sport of the last decade and, above all, to provoke a spectacular change on the podium of the Spanish round where, look at you, a criticized Enric Mas (“he never attacks … he always conforms … it is good for him to be second … he does not want to give up what they have”) He was once again at the level of the Vuelta and, above all, of the cannibal Primoz Roglic.

Already less’ Superman

Another thing is, I repeat, that TVE did not have a motorcycle next to ‘Superman’ López (and less ‘Superman’) and could (should) broadcast his abandonment to us, his refusal to continue, the moment he gets into the car of his director Patxi Vila and the moment, who knows, that Eusebio Unzue, ‘capo’ of Movistar, or the very president of Telefónica, José María Álvarez-Pallete, who saw him win the queen stage of the Vuelta as director, they announced that the contract he signed shortly before the start of the Spanish round, is broken, suspended, terminated. A professional doesn’t do that, with or without a TV in front of it.

Very unfortunate about ‘Superman’. And, not only for him, but for his sponsor, for his team and for his teammates, who gave their lives so that he would be on the podium in Santiago.

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