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When “the dead woman” waits for a license

The citizen, yesterday, at the gates of the City Hall.  |  INFORMATION

The citizen, yesterday, at the gates of the City Hall. | INFORMATION

He did not know whether to carry out his protest naked or disguised as death, and in the end he thought that from the first he might end up in the Civil Guard barracks. So she opted for the role of “the dead woman” and thus asked the newspaper to tell her story, “like the dead woman”, although everyone knows who this versatile artist is in Crevillent. Neither short nor lazy from first thing in the morning she went yesterday to the door of the City Hall with her disguise. “One who died waiting for the building license,” read the poster that accompanies her along with her skeleton costume (crowned by a black hat to combat the sun) and supported by a cardboard silhouette of a tomb with her cross. Needless to say, at noon there was no talk of anything else in the municipality.

Like so many stories, his dream began during the pandemic. “He lived in a small house and we decided that it was time to buy our first home, something bigger and where to be more comfortable,” he said. They chose a site very close to the City Council, which had been the headquarters of the casino and which had been pending construction for at least two decades. It is in the heart of Crevillent and perhaps that is the problem and the slow bureaucracy. They looked for an architect, project, financing … and they went to the Crevillent Town Hall with all the documentation. «I’ve been waiting for ten months, but I know that there are people who have been waiting for one and two years. I never thought this could end like this, “he recalls with some sadness, while guessing if he repeats today at the door of the City Hall, with the same or with another outfit, given the repercussion it has had.

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“The dead woman” assures that many have stopped to talk to her, including councilors of the government team, against whom she has nothing, rather the opposite, “although there is a problem in the technical office and it is collapsed, which they will have to do is solve it but people cannot be like this for so long, “he says.

His work does not advance because between paper and paper, reply and reply, an average of four months pass “to exchange a few words” and he has begun to despair so slowly. “I am tired of making complaints and asking why my license is not authorized,” she says with some weariness, while remembering that “I am one more, there are many people who are like me, but do nothing. When I told someone that I was going to ask for a license, he told me: You are crazy! And it is true because this does not work out ». Members of the government team, quite astonished, had the opportunity (only if you want to see it like that) to speak with “the dead woman” face to face, and ask her, inquire about her case and perhaps ask her for patience. It is what you always have when you see death, that you are not in a hurry to meet her again, and perhaps that is how this neighbor goes who hopes that her initiative will serve a purpose.

Criticism of the Popular Party

The municipal group of the PP regretted after hearing the case that the neighbors have to demonstrate at the gates of the City Hall for their building licenses. “It is further proof of the blockage that exists in the municipal management of the Works area,” the training recalled.

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The popular councilor in the Works Commission, Francisco Verdú explained that more than half a year ago, the PP denounced for the last time the disorganization of the Tripartite in the Municipal Technical Office, with delays in the granting of licenses. There are more than 1,600 files accumulated at the moment and the local architects themselves complained in 2020 of the delay of one year in the granting of licenses. The lack of solutions from the municipal government has led to this situation that has been worsening, increasing the delays.

Verdú points out that this lack of organization of the Tripartite is hurting many neighbors who want to build a house and entrepreneurs, who cannot expand their businesses.

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