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When the Selectivity is prepared by YouTube

Current students are digital natives, so that for them it is better to learn the lessons for the exams through YouTube videos than countless sheets of notes. At least that’s how they consider it in the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) of Elche. This is why The academic institution offers anyone who is interested a Bank of Exams in which more than 350 resolved tests of the Selectividad are collected from 2013 to 2020. In addition to the exercises, the blog includes information on evaluation criteria, frequent doubts and tips to successfully face the Entrance exams to college (PAU).

In the case of the UMH, more than 3,000 students will be examined between the next 8 and 10 June in the ordinary call. For this they will be able to count on the help of a pioneering project in Spain, which was launched in 2014. This Exam Bank It is intended to be a simple, direct and effective aid tool for the students who will be presented to the PAU.

Through the Exam Bank, students can follow the explanations of the corrected tests step by step, through the questions and problems that were examined in previous calls. The bank is located on the UMH YouTube channel, which allows free and immediate access to its 357 videos, with the aim of solving doubts and perfecting the arguments used when solving the different questions. To date, more than 2.4 million views have been recorded, in 98,000 hours of viewing. These data show a 37% increase in video views and a 29% increase in total hours viewed compared to 2020 figures.

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«We asked specialists in the UMH subjects, coordinators and secondary school teachers to make the videos. It is not an official solution but people who know the exams well share their experience. Current students are digitally based and it is much better for them to have this tool on YouTube ”, explains the director of the UMH Entrance Exams area, Francisco Javier Gómez.

Eleven courts

Looking ahead to this year’s PAU, in which to the ordinary call in June must be added the extraordinary one in July between the 6th and 8th, the UMH will bet on the model of taking exams at university headquarters. For this, the University of Elche has eleven courts, from Altea to Torrevieja, which will be supported by the facilities of the four campuses and also in other locations, with the aim that students have to travel as little as possible. “In the case of Torrevieja, for example, we have managed to save students and their parents doing 300 kilometers in three days,” says Gómez.

The UMH has agreements with the town councils of the province, which will allow it to make use of sports halls in Dénia and La Nucía, the Orihuela conservatory or the Torrevieja auditorium, among other facilities. «They are open spaces in which we will place tables and chairs 1.5 meters apart. In the campus classrooms we will reduce the capacity to a third », concludes the head of the PAU.

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