Wednesday, October 20

When Wi-Fi Was Created And What Its Name Really Means

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Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, we can connect to the network without the need for cables.

For many, the word wifi has become one of the first to be pronounced when we first enter a site.

Be it the house of friends, a restaurant or a waiting room, asking if there is Wi-Fi and what is its password is almost a new routine to make sure that we can be connected to the internet at all times.

But have you ever wondered where does this word come from, which was originally written as Wi-Fi, and that over time and use became the common noun wifi?

Although due to its similarity to Hi-Fi (the abbreviation in English for High Fidelity or high fidelity, in Spanish) one might think that the term is derived from Wireless Fidelity, that is, of the fidelity of the wireless signal, the word wifi is a invention that has nothing to do with it.

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