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When will it be and which countries will participate?

The next NATO summit will be held in Madrid on June 29 and 30. The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, met in Moncloa on October 8 to choose Madrid as the destination for the international summit of NATO. This summit has taken on a notorious importance since the outbreak of the war in ukraineExcept for the extraordinary meetings that have been held due to the invasion, this would be the first scheduled meeting in which all member countries will participate.

This summit coincides with the 40th anniversary of Spain within the organization and it will deal with relevant issues for the organization and defense of the borders of the member countries. Pedro Sánchez defined this meeting in this way during the meeting with Jens Stoltenberg “For Spain it is essential to strengthen relations between NATO and the European Union to reinforce the responsibility of the Alliance in the field of security”.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine it has reactivated the importance of NATO among member countries. The threat of a possible extension of the conflict to the borders of European countries that are within the organization, poses a serious risk. In addition, NATO has taken a lot of weight in the defense of Ukraine in the arms contributions that have slowed the advance of the war. NATO’s precautionary participation in the Ukrainian conflict has also been a gamble that has prevented the conflict from escalating further.

For this reason, the June summit in Madrid, once the conflict has advanced, will mean an event of great importance because it would be the first non-extraordinary meeting in which all the presidents of the member states participate. This summit will address the consequences of the war, the status of Russia for member countries and future decisions to prevent and deal with this type of warlike event. In addition to other topics such as the southern border of Spain or the possible countries that become part of the organization.

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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization

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NATO or NATO -its acronym in English-, is a political and military organization whose objective is to defend the security and freedom of its member states. NATO was founded in 1949, after the end of the Second World War, in response to the atrocities of the war, 12 countries decided, through the Washington Treaty, defend each other in case of armed aggression against any of them. After several expansions, the organization came to bring together 30 countries within its acronym. This is the list of the countries that make it up in order of entry:

  • Spain (1982), United States (1949), Belgium (1949), Turkey (1952), Canada (1949), Greece (1952), Lithuania (2004), Denmark (1949), Iceland (1949), France (1949) , Luxembourg (1949), Italy (1949), Norway, (1949), Slovakia (2004), Slovenia (2004), Bulgaria (2004), Hungary (1999), Czech Republic (1999), Poland (1999), Netherlands (1949), Germany (1949), Portugal (1949), United Kingdom (1949), Estonia (2004), Romania (2004), Latvia (2004), Croatia (2009), Albania (2009), Croatia (2009), Montenegro (2017) and North Macedonia (2020).

The last country that has sounded within the organization has been Ukraine. However, the requirements of Vladimir Putin in the peace negotiations they have exhausted this route because the Kremlin does not see an end to the conflict as feasible if Ukraine approaches the European Union or NATO.

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