Tuesday, October 19

Where are the mosaics of Sixto Marco?

The transformation from the central Corredora In a pedestrian street last year, the disappearance of a work of art, or rather three, that was part of the ground that the people of Elche stepped on when walking through the Plaça de Baix was a rebound. In front of the arch of the Town Hall and located between two palm trees, which have remained, you could see three mosaics alluding to the Misteri d’Elx, which are known as the mosaics of Sixto Marco, as he was the versatile artist in which the idea was hatched and placed the first in 2002, while two other artists and disciples of hers, Antonia Soler or María Dolores Mulá, they completed it after his death at age 85. Since the end of 2009, the work made with 2×2-centimeter tesserae in Novelda marble and in bright colors has been showcased. The mosaics rThey produced sketches by the author on some of the highest moments of the sacrificial drama: the Judiada; the procession of the Virgin, with the two angels and the three Marys; and the Araceli, with its eight characters. And getting them out of there was not easy at all. City Hall He rushed, before the first criticisms of the drastic decision arrived, to announce a transfer agreed with the artist’s son, ten months ago, and that they would be placed in front of the main door of the Basilica of Santa María either or on the street that goes from the temple to the Casa de la Festa, where the Cortejo del Misteri passes on the days of the performance. Meanwhile, they would be kept in a municipal warehouse where, it is assumed, they continue to this day without the City Council having resolved the award because the project will cost about 8,000 euros.

And yes, the quantity is important, but we are not talking about three small works. Quite the opposite. In fact, removing them from their location was a titanic task because when they were placed in Plaça Baix, since they were carried out at different times, different techniques were used, which also conditioned the entire operation. The last one, the one from 2009, already had a metal frame (1,500 kilos) and it was easier to move. The other two had to be cut with a diamond wire, explained the municipal architect and drafter of the project, Julio Sagasta. In this way they could be separated from the ground and added a structure so that when they were removed they would not break. And they are so delicate that they were taken to the warehouse in a truck fitted with shock-absorbing elements.

The three scenes of the Mystery were said to be placed in front of the main door of Santa María


There is a final project to locate them in front of the main door of Santa María and without aligning, it is known what it will cost, but it is not known when the works will be approved or executed. The PP asked in May about this delay. While, the family of the Mystery of Elche, for the two years that she will complete this summer without performances, she is orphaned of knowing good news and one would be to know that Sixto Marco’s gift it is at the gates of its basilica. Nothing suggests that it is and, meanwhile, the mosaics sleep the dream of the just in a municipal warehouse.


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