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Where can I fly to in Europe from Spain right now?

As everyone knows, traveling abroad is much more difficult today than it used to be.

You must take into account how the pandemic is evolving in your own country, in your country of destination, including how the global situation of Covid-19 is going.

You need to consider potential entry requirements, from testing to quarantine, and even how regional restrictions could affect your travel plans.

But some people, either for personal or work reasons, may want to know where it is possible to travel from Spain today.

The following is a list of countries, mainly from Europe, that allow travelers arriving from Spain at this time, based on the most recent information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain, which also offers users international travel tips here, such as registering in the travelers registry.

It’s an ever-evolving situation, so your recommendation (and ours) is to always check the rules and other pertinent information with official sources in the country you plan to travel to.

Also note that some of the regions in Spain currently have closed borders, so this may also prevent you from traveling.

Germany: A negative Covid test is required no later than 48 hours after entering the country, as Spain is currently classified as a ‘risk country’. There is also a 10-day quarantine requirement, but it can be shortened to five days if the test result is negative. More information here.

Austria: It is mandatory to complete an online registration form (Pre-Travel-Clearance – PTC) before traveling (max. 72 hours before starting the trip). As in Germany, Austria requires a ten-day quarantine, although it can be terminated early if a PCR or antigen test is performed on the fifth day after entering the country. More information here.

Bulgaria: The Eastern European country requires a negative PCR test on all arrivals, performed within 72 hours of arrival.

Czech Republic: Visitors to Spain must undergo a PCR test before entering the Czech Republic, spend five days in quarantine, and then have a second test. In case of traveling from the Balearic and Canary Islands, it is sufficient to carry out an antigen test and a second within five days after arrival. More information here.

Croatia: The Adriatic nation requires a negative PCR performed 48 hours before entering the country or a test on arrival and quarantine until the result is received.

Slovakia: Visitor registration is required on arrival and quarantine for 14 days, with the possibility of ending it earlier with a negative PCR test on the eighth day.

Slovenia: Only travelers from countries on the Slovenian red list are required to quarantine for 10 days, although if they present a negative PCR test it is not necessary to complete the isolation. Spain, unfortunately, is currently on the red list.

Estonia: A 10-day quarantine is required for visitors to Spain. If a negative PCR test is presented (no more than 72 hours before travel), a second test can be performed after the sixth day in Estonia to avoid having to quarantine the remaining days.

France: A negative PCR test is required (maximum 72 hours before entering France). If travelers do not present it, an antigen test will be performed on arrival, as well as a seven-day quarantine at an authorized center, followed by a PCR test after this period.

Greece: The Hellenic nation needs visitors to fill out a form with all the details of their trip, submit a negative PCR test, undergo a second PCR on arrival and a seven-day quarantine. However, in the field trips are prohibited except for just cause in all locations.

Ireland: Ireland requires you to fill out a form and submit a negative PCR test done 72 hours before your arrival. If you enter Ireland from a country on their red list, you must be quarantined for 14 days. Spain is not currently on the list but you can check the latest here.

Italy: Spain’s Mediterranean neighbor requires a negative PCR or antigen test performed 48 hours prior to arrival. If you don’t provide it, there is a mandatory 14-day quarantine. It is worth noting that it is currently prohibited to move between regions in Italy, except for justified reasons, although traveling to Italy for non-essential reasons is possible. More information here.

Latvia: Latvia requires a negative PCR test to be submitted within 72 hours of arrival, as well as a quarantine for 10 days.

Lithuania: People traveling from Spain to Lithuania must fill out a form, provide a negative PCR test performed 48 hours before (although a PCR can also be performed upon arrival in the country within 24 hours), and a 10-day quarantine (can be raised from the seventh day with a negative test).

Malt: The small island nation currently requires visitors to Spain to fill out a form and submit a negative PCR test (performed 72 hours in advance), except for passengers from the Canary Islands.

Netherlands: Holland expects visitors to get a negative PCR test (performed 72 hours before) and a rapid test performed at least 4 hours before the flight.

Poland: Poland requires a 10-day quarantine for travelers from Spain unless a negative test is submitted less than 48 hours in advance.

Romania: Romania requires a negative PCR test (performed 72 hours in advance) and a 10-day quarantine, or 14 days if no test is provided. If the stay is to be less than three days, the PCR test must be carried out 48 hours before.

Sweden: The Scandinavian nation requires a negative test (carried out at most 48 hours before) for people traveling from Spain. It can be an antigen, PCR or LAMP test. Know more here.

UK: Spain is not currently on the UK red list, which means that visitors to Spain do not have to self-quarantine in an assigned hotel for ten days, which costs £ 1,750 per person. However, they will still have to self-quarantine at home for ten days and provide three separate Covid tests. Lateral flow antigen, PCR and LAMP tests count as valid, according to the Spanish Embassy in London.

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