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Where is Clemson University located? A geography lesson and more facts about the soccer program

Clemson University’s Memorial Stadium, where the Tigers play football, is not easy to miss. And in 2020, it’s hard to miss that Clemson is very good at soccer too.

That didn’t stop an assistant from stopping me on my one trip to the Clemson campus in South Carolina to whisper in my ear. “Hey, do you know the guys who play there?” he asked, then paused for dramatic effect. ” They are quite good,” was the auction. Yes, two national titles since 2016 rate Dabo Swinney’s Tigers as “pretty good.”

But while most people know how good Clemson is at soccer, fewer people know exactly where Clemson is. It is not in a major metropolitan area. If it weren’t for college, Clemson, South Carolina wouldn’t be well-known. But add a thriving university and a strong soccer team to any equation, and that will put a place on a map.

Where is Clemson University?

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Clemson University is located in the city of Clemson in upstate South Carolina. The university has an undergraduate enrollment of close to 20,000, which actually outnumbers the city’s population. The red marker near the top center of the map above points to Clemson.

Clemson is located about a half hour southwest of Greenville, South Carolina, the largest city near Clemson. If you travel further northeast from Clemson, the first major metropolitan area you will arrive in is Charlotte, North Carolina. Head southwest from Clemson and you’ll eventually make it to Atlanta.

Information on Clemson’s Memorial Stadium, Death Valley and Howard’s Rock

Clemson football plays at Memorial Stadium. The maximum capacity of the stadium is 81,500. Clemson keeps total ventilators below 20,000 during 2020 with COVID-19 protocols.

Memorial Stadium opened in 1942, and at the time cost $125,000 to build. It originally had fewer than 30,000 fans, but the success of the soccer program over the decades brought with it the addition of seats. Clemson has won more than 70 percent of its home games in its history.

The nickname “Valley of Death” is due to several reasons. First of all, the stadium is located in a small valley. Second, the university cemetery used to overlook the football field. And third, the teams have claimed to have been “killed” at the hands of the Tigers.

Howard’s Rock is located at the top of the hill beyond the east end zone. Players touch the stone before entering the field for home games. It’s a stone from Death Valley, California that was a gift to Clemson’s coach Frank Howard in 1966.

How many national championships has Clemson Football won?

Clemson soccer has won three national championships. They are as follows:

  • 1981: Clemson defeated Nebraska in the Orange Bowl to finish undefeated and be named national champion. The Tigers were led by
  • 2016: Clemson beat Alabama in the college football playoff final, 35-31, on January 7, 2017. Shaun Watson was named offensive MVP.
  • 2018: Clemson again beat Alabama in the college football playoff final, this time 44-16, to win the national title behind first-year quarterback Trevor Lawrence on January 7, 2019.

Who is Clemson’s soccer head coach?

Clemson University’s head soccer coach is Dabo Swinney.

Full name William Christopher Swinney, Dabo played college football as a wide receiver for Alabama. He trained in various capacities with the Crimson Tide from 1993-2000, then joined the Clemson staff in 2003. In 2008, Swinney became Clemson’s interim head coach, winning the title full-time in 2009.

In his career as Clemson’s head coach through Nov. 1, 2020, Swinney is 137-31. The Tigers have been 10-6 in bowl appearances and 6-3 in the college football playoffs, including two national championships.

Swinney is called “Dabo” because his older brother used to call him “Dat Boy” and the name stuck. Famously Swinney said she didn’t know her real name until third grade when she took a scan tron test.

Why does Clemson wear purple uniforms?

Clemson’s official colors are known as Clemson Orange, Regalia Purple, and Fort Hill White. This is why Tigers sometimes break out uniforms that are primary purple. Even many of her orange and white looks have a purple accent.

Tigers do not usually wear totally purple uniforms and have a relatively poor record use them. In 2019, Clemson broke the purple unis against non conferencing for Wofford in a landslide victory.

Clemson Tiger mascot and push-ups

The Clemson mascot setup features a Clemson Tiger and a Clemson Tiger Cub, which is essentially a smaller Tiger costume. They have no names beyond “Tiger” and “Tiger Cub”.

Every time Clemson scores, the Tiger does push-ups. The official Clemson website follows tiger push-up records, and Ricky Capps holds the all-time single-game push-up record for 465 during an 82-24 win over Wake Forest in 1981. The career record is held by Mike Bays, who did 2,216 push-ups between 1994 and 1997.

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