Thursday, February 22

Where is Vladimir Putin? The few appearances of him unleash rumors of illness

Where is Putin? While the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyappears daily in videos that he records himself to dispel rumors that he has left KyivLittle is known about the Russian leader. Until now. President Vladimir Putin has reappeared in a Moscow stadium this Friday, on the occasion of the eighth anniversary of the invasion of Crimea.

But in the middle of the speech, broadcast by the Russian public television Rossiya-24, the chain has begun to show other moments of the same event, official speeches and popular songs. Fifteen minutes later, television has resumed broadcasting the Russian president’s intervention on a deferred basis, which only increases the rumors about the state of health of the president.

political scientist and professor Valery Solovyformer head of the Public Relations Department of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, declared last February that Putin has cancer and also symptoms of the disease Parkinson’s. In this sense, the retired admiral of the British Royal Navy, Chris Perrysaid last week at a school event that Putin could be battling cancer. “I think his immune system might be depressed. So he is a man who is in a hurry, ”he added to contextualize why he had declared War in Ukraine.

On the other hand, the British-American foreign affairs specialist Fiona Hill He has opined on social networks that “Putin does not look so good, he has been quite swollen. We know that he has complained of having back problems.”

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All these hypotheses have not been verified by any official source nor has there been an official statement from the Kremlin about Putin’s health.

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A “high-tech” bunker in Siberia

The only certainty so far is that Putin has a luxurious underground bunker in Siberia. The high-tech facility resembles an “underground city” and is prepared to withstand a nuclear war. According to the political scientist and professor Valery Solovy61, Putin moved his family last week to the bunker.

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