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Where to eat in Olivenza during the Bull Fair

Olivenza is a beautiful city, it is the capital of the bull and it is a gastronomic enclave. What more can you ask for to enjoy a wonderful weekend? The charms of La Raya and the beauty of bullfighting united during a weekend of applause, reunions and emotions. So that nothing is missing, the pleasures of the table add to the party because Olivenza is one of the best gastronomic squares in the region.

EN SALSA takes you this week to the Bull Fair and guides you through the most beautiful streets of Spain and Portugal. Come with us and we will show you some of the most original patisseries on the Peninsula, where sweetness reaches unimaginable heights. And at lunchtime, we have selected half a dozen restaurants where you can recharge your batteries while enjoying top-class cuisine, the same cuisine that has reached the best Feria del Toro. The bullfighting season begins
EN SALSA joins the party.

During the presentation of the event, last Wednesday, the regional president, Fernández Vara, mentioned that the celebration of this fair meant “a return to normality”. And the ‘normal’ in the
bull fair there are thousands of people from many parts of Spain and Europe –and of course, from Extremadura– strolling through Olivenza these days. For this reason, the local hoteliers do not risk it and bet on the
closed menus. In them they make a representation of the gastronomy of Extremadura with dishes full of Iberian, seasonal vegetables and good meats. The cod is not missing either. On
Dosca They put it with spinach. It is one of the dishes that make up their special menu. In addition, for those who do not want a menu or do not find space, which will be common, since it is difficult to eat during the Bull Fair without a reservation (although we will reveal an option later), they have dedicated the high tables for portions. In this house they are specialists in the
cachopo de retinto, in artichokes stuffed with torta de la Serena, in asparagus omelette and – among other preparations – in suckling pig. In addition, the ‘gastrotaurinos’ also find croquettes of oxtail and stewed oxtail here.

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House Maila their menu has seven options for first and as many for second. In the former, they opt for traditional dishes: Iberian rice, artichoke and squid stew, beans with oxtail… While in the latter, they open the door to more sophisticated preparations, such as cod confit with caramelised squid or the leg of lamb with chestnut purée.

Those who, in addition to eating and watching the bullfights, have time to do a bit of tourism in one of the most beautiful towns in Spain, without a doubt, should go to
Convent. It is a stone’s throw from the Municipal Tourist Office and, in addition, it is located in the convent of San Juan de Dios, so it is possible to visit it from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (the latter only on Saturday). As for the restaurant, it also has a menu with starters at the center of the table and with a first course of candied artichokes with ham velouté and a choice between a low-temperature prey or roasted cod in the second. For the end they propose cheesecake or pineapple spiced at low temperature. They have also reserved the terrace for high tables, where you can order cold portions and their specialty: the

Before we talked about a restaurant where it is possible to eat this weekend without prior notice. Going back to Vara’s statement, this reservation has always been customary, but it has been emphasized with the pandemic, so we could say that it is a consequence of the new normality. On
cheap peace, the table is for whoever arrives first. This gourmet grocery store has not wanted to give up its character and personality, full of historical and cultural details. However, they have drawn up a specific letter for the bullfighting conclave. In it, their game sausage stands out: they have wild boar, deer or roe deer chorizo. But, in addition, they have launched two dishes that will only be available until Sunday. Its about
sirloin stroganoff and the rice in broth with seafood.

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Tecula to go out through the big door

Olivenza is the capital of the bull, but also of the mecula tecula. This sweet, original and typical of the
house fountainshas been conquering palates since 1942. At least, since that year is when there is evidence, since it was the moment in which
Juan Fuentes and Celestina Martinez They founded this pastry shop, which has been a standard bearer in the Rayana town for many years.

According to what its current owners say –grandchildren of the founders– the recipe was given to them by a person who stayed at an inn they ran as payment for the overnight stay. What is intuited is that it is a conventual sweet and that its origin is possibly Arab. What is known is that its main ingredients are
the almond and the yolk of egg (there are many recipes circulating on the internet, but the original is more secret than that of Coca-Cola). And what gives it even more value is the meaning and imprint left by Juan and Celestina: «For you, for me, to share». And, following that philosophy, a few months ago, Casa Fuentes created a new variety, in addition to the three sizes in which they offer the tecula. It’s about the
mini-techles. They are six ‘teculitas’ individually wrapped in moisture-proof paper and have an expiration date of one month. More ideal, if possible even, to share.

During this weekend and the previous days, the oven at Casa Fuentes does not cool down for a second, and that is
triple their production, since it is ‘a chore’ to go through Olivenza and not carry a tecula in your suitcase. They also have other delicacies, such as walnut cake and acorn liquor, pastries and a salty branch with empanadas, puff pastries… In total, more than a hundred references. So pick one (or several) and walk out the front door.

More information

  • Dosca
    Constitution Square, 15. 924491065

  • House Maila
    Colon Street, 3. 687809159

  • The Convent Restaurant
    Paseo de Pizarro, 24. 693037128

  • cheap peace
    Constitution Square, 9.

  • house fountains
    Moreno Nieto Street, 11. 924490169

  • The Rala
    Lopez de Ayala Street, 7. 924900843

  • Iberian cafeteria (Hotel Heredero)
    Badajoz road, km. 23,700. 924490835

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