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Where to have breakfast and lunch on the way to the beach this Easter

Extremadura is very big. You enter from Salamanca on the A-66 and, when you leave Andalusia, you have traveled almost 300 kilometres: a route that, starting this weekend, will be very crowded. Extremadurans who travel to the beaches or go on an excursion to the south of Spain. But also Dutch, French, English or Moroccans who move along the Autovía de la Plata and have to stop for lunch.

En Salsa has made this trip with our critics at the wheel, so we have selected the best restaurants and the most outstanding churrerías along the way. There are places that are right next to the highway, others demand to leave it and travel a couple of kilometers. But the detour is worth it. Follow us on our
easter trip and we will show you how to start your holidays well, that is, where to have breakfast and lunch on the way to the exciting first swim of the year on the Andalusian coast.

Those who start their vehicle in the northern part of the region will take almost five hours on the A-66 to soak their feet on a beach. Following the recommendations of the DGT, they should have stopped at least once before. Early risers who want to make this stop coincide with breakfast will find the churrería in Aldeanueva del Camino
The Market. Located in the town square, it has batons, churros and a wide variety of toasts.

It is also typical to stop in Cañaveral, specifically at the churrería bar
The arches. You only have to take a five-minute detour to try their splendid churros and porras, which are sometimes so thick that they don’t fit in the cane glass of coffee.

To eat, on the same avenue (Doctor Boticario; Carretera de Salamanca) we find the
restaurant-grill Villa de Cañaveral. It has a daily menu (also on weekends and holidays), good meats and a wide range of local cheeses and Iberian products. The desserts are homemade.

In Casar de Cáceres, the restaurant
The rooster It’s on a freeway exit. They have a good breakfast and they have numerous sandwiches, but they don’t serve at the tables. Already in the municipality, the churrería
Ronco Tovar It opens at 05:30 in the morning and stands out, in addition to its churros, its spectacular toasts with village bread. They are different, varied and very forceful.

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But if what we want is to make a more gourmet stop, our expert Don Poleo does not hesitate to recommend Casa Claudio. In his menu there is tradition and innovation, but above all, there is a clear interest in Extremaduran recipes. His star dish is the pork tenderloin stuffed with wild asparagus and Casar cake (it has been on the menu for two decades). In his proposal, meats have a lot of weight. They offer large steaks, between a kilo and a half and two kilos, matured for a minimum of 40 days.

The Las Corchuelas restaurant, located in the hotel, is also a stop to taste recipes with Extremaduran lees.
Hospes Arenales Palace. Exquisite decoration in all its rooms and a short menu, but with very pampered dishes. It is advisable to order the leg of lamb boneless and roasted with thyme with rustic potatoes, since it comes from their own livestock.

Departure from Navalmoral

Travelers leaving Navalmoral on the A-5 will have three places to rest before joining Mérida with those who started on the A-66. The first, in Almaraz. The
ku-bar It is an ideal corner for bikers and lovers of American Route 66. In addition to being decorated with these reasons, it has an interesting proposal with salads, pizzas, small plates, sandwiches and hamburgers.

On the other hand, in Trujillo, in addition to the hotel
The Storks For breakfast and a snack without deviating too much from the beach goal, our reviewer recommends El 7 de Sillerías. In this place, the attention and quality of the raw materials prevail, all with a very local touch: assortment of potato croquettes with honey, ham and blood sausage from Guadalupe, cheeses, ham, sausages, etc.

Also, in Miajadas we can have breakfast at the hostel
The star, which is open all day. And to eat, our expert tells us about the hostel
The palmwith a diverse assortment of tapas and portions (salads, Russian salad, ali oli potatoes, squid, octopus, secret, pork test, Iberian…) or
The Valencianwhere its huge Iberian brochettes stand out.

Four kilometers from Mérida is the
Hotel Romero of Merida. It has a buffet, its cafeteria is open 24 hours a day and, in addition, it has places to charge electric cars while we also charge our batteries. Already in the capital of Extremadura, Don Poleo was at Rex Numitor and highly recommends it. Of course, this is a more relaxed stop, to enjoy preparations as succulent as their lasagna with lamb and aubergines, goat cheese and cardamom.
The Carbonery It is also a great place to stop to try their grilled products.

Almendralejo is a good destination to stop and why not have a glass of cava if we don’t have to drive. The expert says that the Martínez Paiva restaurant is the best “clandestine” place in the region. You also have a wonderful lunch at
Nandos and in the restaurant
castuo. For breakfast: hotel
Acosta Vetonia, a quick and safe stop. Relatively close, in Villafranca de los Barros we find a curiosity: there are two seafood restaurants next to the motorway, in the industrial estate, where you can eat seafood on the way to the beach. Is about
Rod the Shark Y
The Gary. Also, we can have breakfast at
The marine.

The stop we recommend below requires a bit of a detour, but it will be worth it. It’s about the pension
The Rodriguezes, in Calzadilla de los Barros. They have very good toasties. But, if what we want is to eat, its homemade stews will invigorate our bodies before continuing on our way. They also have menu of the day.

Finally, Monesterio is, at least for those leaving from Badajoz and Mérida, the ideal location to stretch your legs and have a good ham toast for breakfast. Our specialist considers that the best place to have breakfast is in the restaurant

Already in Andalusian territory

Once we have crossed the border with Andalusia, we are in the territory of our colleagues from ABC, Gurmé, who do not hesitate to mention the benefits of
The Scarf, just four kilometers from Seville capital. In Tomares, Andalusian experts highlight
Stephen Housea bar specializing in grilled meats and Andalusian food.

It already smells of salt and a good place to stop in the Umbrete area is
Sweet potato house, where stew with pringá and rice with partridge are some of the great suggestions. A little closer to Huelva, in Sanlúcar la Mayor, it is an excellent stop
Al Hoceima. Their fish fritters and their cous-cous are also excellent.

On the other hand, if we have decided to introduce ourselves in the province of Huelva through the national one, it has a very good evaluation
House Address, in Valverde del Camino. In its menu there are several tasting menus and with the option of choosing individual dishes. Its star dish is the fried egg in tempura, a delicious snack before, now, enjoying a well-deserved vacation.

More information

  • El Mercao Churreria
    Marketplace. New Village of the Way. 627592750

  • Churreria Bar Los Arcos
    Avda. Dr. Boticario, 38. Cañaveral. 630418469

  • Villa Canaveral Steakhouse
    Avda. Dr. Boticario, s/n. Reedbed. 927300097

  • The rooster
    Road N-630, km 542. Casar de Cáceres. 927291337

  • Ronco Tovar
    Calleja Charca, 4. Casar de Cáceres. 653755349

  • Claudius House
    P.º Extremadura, 21. Casar de Cáceres. 927290246

  • Las Corchuelas Restaurant Hospes Arenales Palace
    Road N-521, Km 52,100. Caceres. 927620490

  • Bar Ku
    P.º of the Constitution, 38. Almaraz. 675397656

  • Hotel Las Cigüenas
    Madrid Avenue, 52. Trujillo. 927321250

  • The 7 of Seats
    C/ Sillerías, 7. Trujillo. 927321856

  • The Star Hostel
    Polygon 17, 3. Escorial. 927160294

  • Hostal La Palmera
    Avda. of Trujillo, 121. Miajadas. 927347873

  • The Valencian
    Avda. de García Siñeriz, s/n. Miajadas. 927347345

  • Hotel Romero Merida
    A-66, exit 630. Merida. 671682458

  • Rex Numitor
    C/ Castelar, 1. Merida. 609586441

  • The Carbonery
    Constitution Square, 4. Merida. 609843403

  • Martinez Paiva Restaurant
    Road N-630, km 346. Almendralejo. 924030129

  • Nandos
    C/ Ricardo Romero, 14. Almendralejo. 92466 1271

  • castuo
    C/ Francisco Pizarro, 53. Almendralejo. 924093635

  • Hotel Acosta Vetonia
    Europe Avenue, s/n. Almendralejo. 924671151

  • Rodu El Tiburon Seafood Restaurant.
    C/ Electrician, 79. Villafranca de los Barros. 615281239

  • El Gary Seafood Restaurant
    Pol. Ind. los Varales, C/ Pintores, 36. Villafranca de los Barros. 699473000

  • The marine
    Ctra. Gijón-Sevilla, 18. Villafranca de los Barros. 924524748

  • The Rodriguezes
    Ctra. N-630, km 696. Calzadilla de los Barros. 924584808

  • Majorca
    Pº. of Extremadura, 297. Monastery. 924584808

  • The Scarf neighborhood
    Camas, 4 km from Seville

  • Stephen House
    C/ Virgen de los Dolores, 4. Tomares. 610106270

  • Sweet potato house
    Pº. May 1, 14. Umbrella. 955715051

  • Al Hoceima
    Sports Center Avenue, 4. Sanlúcar la Mayor. 955700929

  • House Address
    Avda. of the Constitution, 98. Valverde del Camino. 605284845


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