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Where to return an online purchase and get your refund faster?

Where to return an online purchase and get your refund faster?

Amazon customers can make free returns at Whole Foods Market and UPS locations.

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This year the increase in online purchases During the coronavirus pandemic it turned out to be the salvation for retailers, but its price was high. Buyers are expected return twice as many items as last year when you shop online what it could cost companies $ 1.1 billion According to a calculation made by Navar, a specialized software company that manages the returns of hundreds of brands according to a report by the AP.

Another report prepared by the real estate firm CBRE estimated that the 30% of what we buy online during the Christmas holidays will be returned. This season, returns from e-commerce could amount to a total of $ 70.5 billion of products, an increase of 73 percent compared to the previous 5 years attributed to the historic number of online sales caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

In its report, the consulting firm CBRE warns that the supply chain is not yet ready to return all products in a timely manner.

The forecast he obtained from based on data from the National Retail Federation estimates that online purchases during November and December will reach $ 234.9 billion with an annual profit of 40 percent, which will originate a greater number of returns compared to previous years.

“Online returns remain a challenge and this year, return logistics operations could be more stressed than ever,” he said. John Morris, Industrial, Logistics and Retail Director of CBRE in a Press release. “With fewer in-store sales this holiday season, retailers will have to shift much of their focus to returns processing and their distribution networks to recover as much value as possible.”

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Where to make a return and get your refund faster?

Most retailers bear the costs of returning a product because they want consumers who don’t feel safe visiting stores to feel comfortable shopping for items online.

Many companies are offering a large number of places where customers they can make returns, which reduces shipping costs and buyers can get a refund quickly.

Last year Kohl’s allowed Amazon customers to return their orders in their more than 1,000 branches for free.

This year Amazon customers can also return their orders at more than 500 stores Whole Foods Market, plus some UPS branches creating a supply chain.

Walmart, the nation’s largest retailer, announced earlier this week that it will pick up items shipped and sold on its site for free. from customers’ homes through a new partnership with FedEx. Service will continue after the holiday shopping season.

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