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Where you can remove your mask from next Monday in Madrid




The announcement of the end of capacity limitations in Madrid as of Monday has raised doubts about what will happen with the use of masks in the different spaces. As a general rule, and while waiting for the Health Order to clarify all the points -and that will be published tomorrow Friday in the Bulletin of the Community of Madrid-, the general rule is that you must continue to wear the mask in interior spaces that are for public use, both private and those belonging to institutions. Outdoors, the mask can be dispensed with if the distance of 1.5 meters is maintained.

On the street: citizens over 6 years of age will only have to use the mask when the safety distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained. That is, on a busy street they will have to use it. In a park, if the distance is kept, it will not be necessary, but if there is an agglomeration, yes.

In public transport: they are spaces for public and indoor use, so it is essential to use the mask, even if the wagons were empty, they specify in the Ministry of Health.

At homes: The use of a mask is not mandatory when visiting someone if the safety distance of 1.5 meters can be maintained. But if you cannot keep that distance, you will have to continue using it.

In stores: As it is an indoor space for public use, it will be necessary to continue using the mask, even when there are few people. The same rule applies to shopping centers.

At school: in class you do have to wear it. At recess too, at least until further notice. When it comes to doing sports, if it is outdoors, they can do it without the mask, as long as the distances of 1.5 meters are kept. If the sport is done inside a sports hall or gym, you must wear a mask.

Football stadium: As there is no capacity limitation and the fields can be filled to one hundred percent, it will be necessary to put it on to be inside. If there was enough space to maintain the safety distance, it could be removed. On basketball courts or other sports that take place in closed spaces, a mask must be worn.

Bars, restaurants and entertainment venues: the general rule is repeated in these cases, and the mask must be worn inside, except for the time it takes to eat and drink.

Places of worship: in churches, as they are indoor areas for public use, a mask will also have to be put on, regardless of the distance.

Cinemas and theaters: You must have the mask on because it is an interior space for public use, regardless of the capacity that is occupied. In cinemas it can only be removed to consume food or drink.

Museums and cultural spaces: you have to put the mask inside, regardless of the distance that can be kept from other users.

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