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Which 5 fruits offer the highest protein intake and help you lose weight

Which 5 fruits offer the highest protein intake and help you lose weight

Believe it or not, certain fruits are a great source of protein, which is complemented by their extraordinary contribution of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.

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It is a fact that fruit is not the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about proteinHowever, this important nutrient is not only found in animal products, legumes and supplements. Today diets based on a high protein intake and low carbohydrate intake, are part of the most popular trends for lose weight and that is why many people today more than ever give greater relevance to a optimal protein intake.

The truth is that for a food to be considered a good source of protein, must contribute between 5 and 9.5 grams, although most fruits normally provide less than 4 grams they are an extraordinary supplement in the diet, which falls very well to the body and they are very easy to digest. Although there are products that contain a greater contribution, fruits are a wonderful alternative, since they are characterized by being light, hydrating, refreshing and they provide a long list of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. We invite you to know the richest fruits in protein, a great option to complement the daily diet, take care of health, increase the consumption of essential nutrients and lose weight healthily.

1. Guava

Guavas are one of the most emblematic fruits of winter, thanks to its content in vitamin C and antioxidants, are considered a magnificent ally for strengthen the immune system Y protect us from diseases. Best of all, it is one of the fruits with the highest protein content, only one cup provides 4.2 grams of protein and a long list of medicinal benefits. At the same time it is a great ally to regulate high blood sugar levels, it is very rich in fiber which benefits weight loss thanks to its satiating power and it also makes it a good complement to protect cardiovascular health.

Guava. / Photo: Shutterstock

2. Avocado

Avocado is part of the most recommended super-foods to promote good health, it stands out for its creamy vibrant green pulp that shines for its unique nutritional composition. Among its greatest qualities is characterized by its high content in healthy fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is also very rich in protein, a cup of avocado in cubes it provides 3 grams and mashed or pureed avocado provides 4.6 grams. It lacks cholesterol, it is therefore a great food for protect cardiovascular health, is very satiating and versatile in such a way that it helps lose weight naturally. It is also a magnificent source of natural energy, that improves physical and mental performance.

Avocado. / Photo: C00 License

3. Kiwi

The Kiwi it is liquid gold for health, its unique composition fills it with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that strengthen the body and prevent diseases. At the same time, it is popular for its great fiber content, which helps accelerate intestinal transit and combat constipation, is therefore an important fruit to lose weight. Also a medium piece is very light, since provides 54 calories and a cup is associated with two grams of protein. Strengthens the immune system, is helpful for regulate blood pressure, cares for the cardiovascular system and fights fluid retention.

Kiwi. / Photo: Pexels

4. Apricot

Without a doubt the apricots they are a fruit that many times it goes unnoticeda, however they are a true delight, easy to consume and very rich in nutrients. It is one of the most representative fruits of summer, which are considered a great ally to lose weight thanks to its high content in water and carbohydrates and a great contribution in fiber, vitamins and minerals. At the same time, its high protein content gives them satiating potential since one cup contains 2.3 grams of protein. They are very rich in vitamin A, iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium and vitamin B3, stand out for their tannin content that gives them properties astringents, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory.

Apricots / Photo: Lum3n / Pexels

5. Raspberries and blackberries

They are not only the most attractive, delicious and juicy, raspberries and blackberries are a nutritional treasure like no other. They belong to the family of berries or red fruitsHowever, they are the two variants with the highest protein content, since a cup provides 2 grams. At the same time they stand out for their unmatched antioxidant power and his great contribution in vitamins, minerals and fiber. They protect the immune system, beautify the skin and they are of great help in the fight against free radicals. They are very low in calories and versatile, integrating them into the diet is easy and exquisite, from bien and juices, smoothies, with oatmeal, yogurt, in salads and as a snack.

Berries. / Photo: Pixabay

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