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Which agencies CAN confiscate some of your money from the second stimulus check, and who CANNOT touch it?

Which agencies CAN confiscate some of your money from the second stimulus check, and who CANNOT touch it?
The stimulus proposal approved last Monday by Congress extends the eviction moratorium until January 2021.

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A second stimulus check it could be made official early next week if congressional leaders finish negotiating a stimulus package and take it to a vote. If the COVID-19 relief bill contains the expected second stimulus check of up to $ 2,000 dollars per qualified adult, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the US Treasury may be sending the second stimulus check a week later.

Although you have the right to use the money from your stimulus check however you want, there are certain situations in which the state government, the banks O the creditors they could take some of the money off your check. The key will be to know your rights to know how much money you are entitled to receive and who CAN and CANNOT take legally the money of your second stimulus check.

Your landlord or nursing home CANNOT take money from your stimulus check

The CARES Act prevented landlords from requiring their tenants to give them their stimulus check to pay the rent. Nursing homes and nursing homes they can’t ask you to hand over the money either of your stimulus check to make a payment, as reported by the IRS.

It is likely that the second stimulus check continue with the same rules. If someone pressures you or threatens evictionMake sure you know your rights regarding stimulus checks and the eviction moratorium that applies to all properties until the end of 2020. The stimulus proposal approved Monday by Congress includes rental assistance in states and localities and extends the eviction moratorium until January 2021.

If you owe a payment on your car, your stimulus money CANNOT be confiscated

People who are worried about losing a car in case of not being able to make a payment or monthly payment they are not required, in most cases, to hand over the money from the stimulus check Unless it is one of the exceptions listed below:

If you owe alimony, your check CAN be garnished

Under the CARES Act, stimulus money could be confiscated by state and federal agencies to cover back child support.

If the parents are separated or divorced, only the spouse who owes child support will have the payment garnished. According to him IRS, if a spouse does not owe child support, they will receive their share of the payment and you don’t need to take any action to receive it.

In some cases, an error has led the government to garnish all or part of the stimulus check intended for the current spouse of the parent paying child support.

According to IRS, the parent who does not owe child support you should receive your share of the payment without taking action. If you haven’t received your check, you can claim a refund on your tax return for next year to get that money later. Here are the steps you should take.

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