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Which document will allow undocumented workers to claim a stimulus check

Which document will allow undocumented workers to claim a stimulus check

In 2020 some states sent cash payments to unemployed immigrants without legal status.

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The nearly $ 2 billion American Rescue Plan (ARP) that was approved this week by Congress contains several measures that could benefit the Hispanic community. The law will dramatically increase access to childcare and child benefits, invest money in cities, public transportation and public health systems, and provide much needed relief to the artist and freelance community. who have struggled to survive this past year of closures.

Among the important provisions of the PRA is one that directly addresses to help undocumented workers survive the coronavirus crisissince on this occasion it allows mixed status families, in which one of the spouses is undocumented, to receive the stimulus check using the Social Security number of the legal resident spouse.

Biden’s proposal provides stimulus check money to a household with U.S. citizen children and undocumented parents who file taxes with an ITIN number.

Unlike previous proposals, where parents received $ 500 or $ 600 per child, A check for $ 1,400 retail will be included in this new stimulus package. However, some organizations that defend the rights of immigrants disagree that individually undocumented persons should not receive stimulus checks.

Either way, it is a 180-degree turn from the COVID-19 aid packages that were drawn up under former President Donald Trump, to deliberately exclude mixed-status families from such aid. Such a policy harmed the documented spouses and children of US citizens as well as the undocumented themselves.

Also this week, the Biden administration withdrew the Trump administration’s appeal to the US Supreme Court against injunctions from lower courts. that had prevented the application of the new restrictive norms of “public charge. As a result, the court quickly dismissed the case. Thus the new restrictive public charge regulations were eliminated.

The goal of public charge was to exclude poor immigrants from healthcare, housing and nutrition assistance. During the Trump era, several states made much more progress on immigration and welfare issues than they had during the Obama presidency.

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California and Colorado began allowing undocumented immigrants to file income taxes using an individual taxpayer identification number in 2020. could access the established earned income tax credits and, in the case of California, also the child tax credit. The California Budget and Policy Center He estimated last year that this action would benefit up to 46,000 families.

In 2020 the states of the Pacific coast began sending cash payments to unemployed immigrants without the legal status that would allow them to access federal benefits. California mobilized to allow part of the undocumented population to have access to the Affordable Care Act.

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