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Which Rowenta ironing robot to buy: Care for You and Ixeo Power, video comparison

Today we bring you a comparison of Rowenta ironing robots, specifically the Care for You and Ixeo Power models. Rowenta is one of the manufacturers that is betting the strongest on this type of device, but faced with two models that may seem similar to an inexperienced person, it is convenient to review the differences in order to know how to differentiate them.

For this, we have been using both devices for several days, and we will talk to you about both their technical parts and their our personal experience when using them. Thus, if you are thinking of buying one of the two, you will have all the information to know which of them is best suited to you.

These are two different concepts of ironing robot, which they work by means of steam to remove and reduce wrinkles from clothes, as well as 99% of germs and viruses according to the manufacturer. Both can be adjusted for height, and have wheels for easy transport. And so far the similarities, now it’s time to talk about the differences.

Rowenta ironing robot comparison, on video

The first difference between both ironing robots is that the Care For You has automatic operation, you put the clothes inside your closet and the robot is in charge of applying the steam. Meanwhile, the Ixeo Power is a manual robot, in which you have to take its head and bring it closer to the clothes. It is more similar to regular ironing. Come on, one of the robots irons for you, and the other requires you to handle the iron.

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The Care For You is a kind of closet where you can enter all kinds of clothes, as well as blankets, sheets or even stuffed animals. It’s like a fabric closet, where you hang the garments with their hangers and then close the compartment so that the robot launches jets of steam inside to do the ironing. All this with weights that serve to stretch the clothes and that are ironed better.

This device has three modes of operation. The first is ironing, which is the obvious one in this type of device. It also has another program to sanitize the clothes you put inside, and a third one for drying. Everything is configured with a remote control that is very easy to use.

As for the Ixeo Power, it requires prior assembly of its structure. The device consists of an ironing board that you can place in three positions, which are horizontal, vertical and slightly tilted. And then you have a small iron that you will use for ironing. This is more like a regular plank.

When you turn it on, in 70 seconds the water will already be heated and ready to use. It has three modes of operation, an eco mode that uses the least steam, a normal mode for almost all garments, and a maximum mode for the most difficult wrinkles to remove. To cast steam, the iron has a button.

But all this We explain it in more detail in our we let you see it in order to get to know the systems in depth and see the results that each of them gives us, so you can know which one convinces you the most. We tell you the good and the bad of each one.

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