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Which soccer team does Conor McGregor support and could the UFC star buy a club?

Conor McGregor rose to fame thanks to his loud antics in the UFC, where he became a double champion in the featherweight and lightweight divisions.

His success inside the Octagon allowed him so much influence that he was even able to switch disciplines to fight Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match in 2017, earning him a lucrative payday.

Since then, McGregor has branched out into business, launching a whiskey brand in 2018 before selling it for $ 600 million in 2021, and was listed on the list of Forbes‘highest paid athletes in 2020.

The Irish fighter has recently expressed his desire to get involved with various football clubs, but which team does he really support? Goal offers you everything you need to know.

Which soccer team does Conor McGregor support?

McGregor says he is a dedicated Manchester United fan, who has followed the Red Devils since childhood.

“I was more of a player than an observer back then, but Manchester United was my team,” McGregor told the Man Utd Official Website in early 2021.

“It was just the other day that I came across an old photo of myself wearing that infamous gray United jersey, which I bought with my [First Holy] Communion money at eight years old.

“I see my son when I look at that picture. I would love to know where he is now. A truly ‘Notorious’ soccer jersey!”

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He added: “Then they had the master of football at the helm, the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson. To be so successful over such a long period is something extraordinary and something I continue to aspire to.

“And he did it by turning young people into stars and not spending and spending and spending like some of these other managers.”

In addition to Manchester United, McGregor has also posted messages of admiration for Celtic, such as when he praised his fans for an exhibition in 2017.

Could Conor McGregor buy a club?

In 2021, McGregor revealed that he had begun discussing acquiring shares in Scottish Celtic, having previously expressed interest in Manchester United.

McGregor shed light on his plans during a Q&A with a fan on Twitter, after joking that he could buy Manchester United following controversial European Super League plans.

When pressed by a fan about his plans to buy the club, McGregor clarified his position and stated that the discussions with Celtic came first, but still felt he could do “great things for a club” like Man Utd.

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“A conversation came up about Celtic first, to be honest,” McGregor said.

“To acquire shares in Dermot Desmond. I am certainly interested in acquiring a sports team at some point.

“Both Celtic and Man United are teams that I definitely like. But I’m open. I feel like I can do great things for a club.”

If McGregor has serious plans to Manchester United’s purchase from the Glazer family is still unknown.. Any such venture would require the MMA star to have billions available to invest.

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