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Whipping and not being able to go to the bathroom: The torture that a 9-year-old boy lived in a nun’s boarding school in Colombia

The mother could only visit him every 6 months or talk to him on the phone once a week.

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Tremendous international outrage has caused the terrible case of mistreatment and torture suffered by a child of only 9 years during the months that He was admitted to a nuns’ college.

According to information released on the Cadena SER website, the boy, whose name was not revealed, was hospitalized 7 months ago at Hogar Monserrate, which is run by nuns and is located in the municipality of Chocontá, near Bogotá.

A couple of days ago, the child’s mother went to look for him so that the little one could spend a few days at home for Christmas. Seeing her, the child could not contain crying and began to complain of severe pain in the genital area.

According to statements made by one of the boy’s aunts, the mother was scared when she saw her son’s reaction and when she got home and checked him from head to toe, noticed that the boy’s penis was very swollen and purple in color.

Immediately, the little boy was taken to the doctor, who, upon reviewing him, noticed that He had hair tied to his penis, which would have caused him to spend at least 10 days without being able to go to the bathroom, specifically without being able to urinate, causing a strong bladder infection.

The doctor who treated him was impressed as his hair cut through the skin of his penis and he had some deep wounds that were already infected.

Given the situation, The boy ended up confessing that the nuns at the boarding school were the ones who had done him, confessing other humiliations that had been done to him to mistreat and torture him.

“There is more physical abuse, such as bathrooms where They hit him with nettle that itched, burned on his skin and other things, such as stopping him very early without clothes to endure cold more than 2 hours in the morning ”, added the aunt in an interview for the newspaper El Tiempo.

The boy also indicated that a teacher hit him on the head and that he and other classmates were hit with branches.

Regarding why the child had been admitted to that school, the family indicated that it was because someone gave them good references about the same that there they would help the minor to overcome some behavior and language problems that he had, in addition to that they would see a great progress academically.

At the time of registration, the nuns explained to the mother that she could only visit him every 6 months and that they could only speak to him by phone once a week.

Given the complaints about this case, the Governor of Cundinamarca, Nicolás García, ordered an inspection visit to the boarding school by officials from the Social Development and Health secretariats, in order to verify the conditions of the minors.

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