Monday, November 23

White House lists end of coronavirus pandemic as achievement

(CNN) — The White House included the end of the coronavirus pandemic on a list of the Trump administration’s scientific and technological achievements, despite the fact that nearly half a million Americans tested positive for COVID-19 only in the last week.

A press release from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy made the claim by announcing a document highlighting the government’s scientific and technological achievements over the past four years.

“Highlights include: END THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC,” reads the press release sent to journalists. “Since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, the administration has taken decisive action to engage scientists and health professionals in academia, industry and government to understand, treat and defeat the disease,” he adds.

Meanwhile, coronavirus cases skyrocket

The press release comes at a time when the country reports the highest number of daily cases recorded to date. The seven-day average of new cases per day hit an all-time high of 68,767 on Sunday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The previous record of 67,293 had taken place on July 22.

The abysmal week was marked by the two worst days of new daily cases reported since the pandemic began. More than 83,000 new cases were reported on both Friday and Saturday. And the seven-day average of new covid-19 cases skyrocketed 23% last week, according to Johns Hopkins data from Monday. Meanwhile, the seven-day average of new tests performed increased by just 2.87% over the past week, according to the Covid Tracking Project.

The president has repeatedly said, falsely, that the increase in cases is due to an increase in testing.

New cases are also being registered within the government itself. At least five assistants to Vice President Mike Pence, including his bodyguard and his secretary general, Marc Short, have tested positive for coronavirus in recent days, sources told CNN.

A ‘great job’ from the White House on the coronavirus that deserves ‘to be highlighted’

When asked for comment on the fact that ending the pandemic was included among the achievements of the administration’s first term, office spokeswoman Kristina Baum, noted the full report.

“The great work the Trump administration is doing to end the pandemic is a top priority and worthy of note,” he said in an email.

The internal report outlining the press release did not say that the covid-19 pandemic was over. It simply promoted the various actions of the Government to combat it.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, the administration has taken various actions to engage scientists in academia, industry, and government to understand and defeat this disease,” the report says.

He later states that the administration’s “Operation Warp Speed” vaccine initiative, public-private partnerships, and other decisive actions taken by the Trump administration have provided American scientists, engineers, and health professionals with the knowledge, tools and the technologies necessary to understand and defeat this ‘invisible enemy’ ”.

CNN’s Maegan Vazquez, Holly Yan, Madeline Holcombe, Theresa Waldrop, and Eric Levenson contributed to this report.

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