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Who are the environments that feed the war in the PP of Madrid?

On the seventh floor of Genoa 13, where the apartments of the national PP are located, they assure that they don’t want to feed the dirty war anymore with leaders of his own party. Even if they take away their sleep, they believe that they make their lives impossible and prevent them from focusing the message on their alternative proposals to the Government of Pedro Sanchez. Pablo Casado has a clear roadmap, both in the fight with the president of the Executive and with the ‘leader ‘ from Madrid, and in that way, they assure in his surroundings, there are certain red lines that he has no intention of crossing and he has asked for a certain silence. But in politics, and even more so when there is an internal conflict, words are one thing and deeds are another.

Environments always pollute everything, point with different words in the three vertices of the triangle of this story, precisely the protagonists of those hard nuclei. In Genoa and also in the City Council they blame Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, the almighty director of Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s cabinet. In Sol, on the other hand, they often avoid giving specific names, but their descriptions point directly to Angel Carromero, right hand of the mayor of the capital, and now openly, to Teodoro García Egea.

Those related to Ayuso have branded the general secretary of the party a “bad cop” in this war. They blame him for having been the one who has convinced Casado of the need to curb Ayuso’s aspirations to the presidency of the PP in Madrid, although at this point in the conflict they are aware that the president of the formation is the one who directs that strategy. And, although in the direction of Genoa they assure that Casado has given an order not to muddy the internal fight anymore, both Garcia Egea What Antonio González Terol (in the background) are two key characters.

Sources close to the general secretary of the PP insist that he shares the leader’s position of “keeping silent” while they accept what they consider to be “attacks” from Sol. But García Egea defines each strategy from the national direction and he has been warning of the influence of Miguel Ángel Rodríguez on the Madrid president for a long time. The great shock took place in the announcement of the electoral advance and in the preparation of the lists. And from that moment they both know that their relationship is irreducible.

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Egea’s premise, they say, continues to be that of “protecting” Casado and, above all, the stability of the party. Hence, he has always been a supporter of the so-called ‘third way’ to separate organic from institutional power. In Genoa they affirm that they will not be in the “dirty war” of leaks and “burying” the other party, but they also acknowledge that they will defend their positions and “will not allow” that from Puerta del Sol “they take the party ahead” . As for the deputy secretary general, the also deputy Antonio González Terol, is also in many of the important meetings at headquarters. Keeps a low profile, although knows the territory perfectly from Madrid. Not only as a former mayor of Boadilla, but as a regular candidate in the Community pools. At the moment he is also an important support for Egea.

Carromero’s key

There is a third element that, without belonging organically to Genoa, in this conflict acts as one more leg of its strategy. Angel Carromero He has an institutional position in the Madrid City Council as general coordinator of the Mayor’s Office, which in practice makes him a character close to José Luis Martínez Almeida, a political strategy advisor who accompanies the mayor wherever he goes. But also, has the foot put in the current direction of the PP of Madrid as president of the electoral committee and presides over the PP of the district of Chamartín. Act, in short, with his double cap of almeidista and casadista.

In Sol they put the focus on him when they complain about leaks or strategies of the manager that go against Ayuso’s candidacy and suggest that one of the main causes of those who, like him, oppose the president’s candidacy is their fear of losing their position in the party and, ultimately, influence on it. Those from Genoa who point out that Casado does not want intoxications and that this fratricidal war be stopped, recognize, instead, that since Carromero does not organically form the party leadership, it does not hurt, or even welcome, that someone who It belongs to the manager or the City Council does it. They obviate, when using this argument, that Carromero is one of the closest advisers to the spokesman for the national PP.

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And where does it come from and how does it get to the Town Hall? Carromero was Casado’s partner in the New generations when he directed the popular youth of Madrid under the presidency of Hope Aguirre in the PP of Madrid. One and the other clothed him after the controversial episode in Cuba and he has continued to be linked to the party with different positions as training advisor at the Madrid City Council. His appointment as general coordinator of the Mayor’s Office was not well received by the opposition, who even asked for his dismissal. But he is still at his post and has become the true hard core of Almeida. As the mayor’s shadow spokesperson for the more political issues on which Almeida avoids getting wet, he has also become darts target that come out of the Sun.

The omnipresent MAR and Alfonso Serrano

Animosity on the part of Genoa towards Miguel Angel Rodriguez It comes, more or less, from the first day he entered the Puerta del Sol as Ayuso’s cabinet director almost two years ago (January 2020). He entered, in theory, to coordinate the difficult management of a coalition government between two formations that did not understand each other, with Ayuso on one side of the ring and Ignacio Aguado on the other. Their advantage over their rivals in Genoa and Cibeles lies in experience. Rodríguez knows very well how the party apparatus works because he advised José María Aznar in his last stage in the opposition, he was a spokesperson for his first government more than 25 years ago, he has been a political analyst and communication consultant for these last two decades, And he has been in institutional politics for another two years under the guidance of Ayuso. He combs gray hair and has grandchildren while opposite, although experienced in the life of the party, other actors barely touch 40 years.

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Controversial figure in the Aznar era as now, in those years in the Government spokesman he entered the melee from the table of the press conferences in Moncloa after the Councils of Ministers. Also then, as now, his presence in the activity of the Executive was omnipresent and was being noticed. Today, more than two decades later, his imprint is perceived in each Ayuso speech, but you can no longer see him. It’s in a second line in the rear, where it is easier to analyze third parties and advise on where to focus. And thanks to that advice that Ayuso considers correct, sources close to the president assure that she will never let him fall, not even in exchange for signing peace with Genoa.

But he is not the only praetorian of Ayuso in this war with Genoa. From the Casado team they consider it the main trunnion of the entire strategy for the candidacy of the presidency of the PP of Madrid. He is, they say, the one who presses or loosens the battle button at will. But Ayuso has found another faithful squire in the current PP spokesman in the Madrid Assembly. If you manage to lead the party, Alfonso Serrano it will be, if there is no prior agreement that prevents it, the secretary general, which would make him the retaining wall of the president in the institutional sphere and in the party.

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