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Who can replace Boris Johnson?

The last few hours have not been easy for him. british prime minister, Boris Johnson. Since Tuesday, an incessant trickle of resignations by their ministers and members of parliament they keep it in the Tight rope. In March of this same year, the leader of the Conservative Party passed a motion of internal censure, but the results made clear the 41% discontent of parliamentarians Tories with its management and its constant scandals.

Pending the outcome, the following candidates are outlined for a possible replacement in case he resigns or is removed by his party.


The minister of foreign affairs is the favorite of the bases of the Conservative Party in power and has regularly topped polls among party members conducted by the website Conservative Home. Truss has a well cared for public image and last year she was photographed in a tankevoking a famous 1986 image of Britain’s first female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, captured in the same pose.

The 46-year-old minister spent the first two years of Johnson’s term as international trade secretaryhim, defending the Brexitand last year she was appointed chief negotiator of Great Britain with the European Union. Truss said Monday that Johnson has his “100% support” and urged his colleagues to support him.


The former secretary of foreign 55 years old remained in second place after Johnson in the 2019 leadership race. He has asserted that if elected prime minister, his policy would offer a style of leadership more serious and less controversial. Over the past two years, Hunt has drawn on his experience as former Secretary of Health to preside over health select committee and it has not been tarnished for having served in the current Government.

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Earlier this year he said his ambition to become prime minister “has not completely vanished” and assured vque voted to impeach the Conservative leader in the motion of censure that Johnson finally won.


The Minister of Defense, ben wallace52, has become in recent months the member of the Government most popular within the Preserved Partyr, according to Conservative Homethanks to his management the Ukraine crisis. Ancient soldierserved in Northern Ireland, Germany, Cyprus and Central America.

started his political career as a member of the decentralized assembly of Scotland in May 1999, before being elected for the first time to the westminster parliament in 2005. It was security minister from 2016 until assuming his current role three years later, earning praise for his department’s role in evacuation of British and allied citizens from Afghanistan last year, and the shipment of weapons to kyiv during the recent war in Ukraine.

Rishi Sunak

Sunak, who resigned as economy minister on Tuesday saying “the public rightly expects the Government conducts itself properly, competently and seriously“, it was until last year the favorite to succeed Johnson.

It has been praised by a rescue package of the economy during the pandemic coronaviruswhich included a job retention program that prevented mass unemployment. But Sunak has faced the criticism for not giving enough help to address the cost of living for British households, due to the non-domiciled condition of their wealthy wife and for the fine he received, along with Johnson, for violating covid lockdown regulations.

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Their tax and expense budget of last year put Britain on his way to his eldest tax pressure since the 1950s, disproving his claims that he is in favor of lowering taxes.


David was the Prime Minister of the Cabinet who resigned in protest against the accusations that Johnson misled public opinion about what he knew about the accusations of sexual harassment against a conservative legislator. former banker and free market advocateJavid has served in various roles in the Cabinet, most recently as Minister of Health. Is it is not the first time that Javid resigns, in 2020 he resigned as Economy Minister of Johnson.

Son of immigrant parents Pakistani Muslims, is an admirer of the late Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Nadhim Zahawi

Zahawi’s personal story, former refugee from Iraq coming to Britain as a child sets him apart from other Conservative hopefuls. the newly appointed finance Minister impressed when Britain had one of the fastest Covid vaccination rollouts in the world.

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He was a co-founder of the polling company YouGov before entering Parliament in 2010. His last job was as Secretary of Education. Zahawi said last week that it would be a “privilege” be prime minister at some point.


The former Secretary of Defense she was sacked by Johnson when he became prime minister after she will support his rival Jeremy Hunt during the last leadership contest. Mordaunt was a passionate defender of exit from the European Union and made national headlines for participating in a reality show diving. It is currently trade ministerand has described as “shameful” the scandals surrounding Boris Johnson and their parties during pandemic restrictions. She has also said that voters want to see “professionalism and competence” in government.

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