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Who has won the elections in Brazil? This has been the result

The brazil elections They have left a difficult panorama in the country. The citizens of the country, after the voting this Sunday, will have to go through a second round in the presidential elections to choose between the two main candidates, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva Y Jair Bolsonaroas none of them reached more than 50% of the votes in the first round.

Although the previous polls placed Lula well ahead of his opponent, the current president, the truth is that these have failed to predict the real reach of Bolsonaro at the polls. Saturday’s polls gave Lula 50% of the votes in these elections, leaving Bolsonaro behind, with only 36%, a very different result.

“All the polls put us in first place and I always thought we were going to win. And we’re going to do it. This is just an extension”, explained on Twitter the leader of the workers party, after the polls crowned him the winner. Along with the presidential elections, Brazilians also voted to elect 27 governors and 27 senators, as well as a new Congress and local parliamentarians.

Who has been the winner of the Brazilian elections?

Lula da Silva has been the great winner of these presidential elections which, with the 97.07% of the votes counted, it has been in first position with 47.88% of the ballots in favor, which translates into some 54.8 million votes. On his part, Bolsonaro has occupied the second position, not far from his opponent, with 43.68% (about 49.7 million voters).

However, this result is not worth much to either of them, since both will have to face each other again in a Second round after not having exceeded 50% of the votes in the elections held this Sunday, October 2. They are barely separated by four percentage points, which could translate into a tight confrontation in this new vote, which will be held the next day October 30, 2022.

Keys to the second round of the Brazilian elections

Facing this second round, the voters of parties like the Brazilian Democratic Movement (4.22%), by Simone Tebet, or the Democratic Labor Party (3.06%), by Ciro Gomes, will be very important. And it is that these center-right votes they could finally decide which politician ends up becoming the new Brazilian president.

Bolsonaro’s wear and tear during this legislature has also greatly conditioned the results of these elections. Although the president has blamed the pandemic (more than 700,000 Brazilians died) and the war in Ukraine for his poor performance, the truth is that the 59% of Brazilians disapproved of their governmentaccording to a survey by the IPEC institute.

This may also condition the results of this second round of the elections, since the conservative politician will have to win the support of the abstainers and of voters from other parties if he wants to revalidate his management at the head of Brazil. “I understand that there is a desire for change on the part of the population, but there are certain changes that could be worse,” explained the current outgoing president in statements to ‘O Globo’.

This lack of regular support, however, has not happened to Lula, who has kept his voters stable since the beginning of the campaign. However, this Sunday’s elections have left a different panorama: Bolsonaro managed to come back in the polls and this situation could further polarize this scenario between the two candidates ahead of the second round of the elections in Brazil.

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