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Who is Elisa Loncón, the Mapuche professor elected president of the Constituent Convention of Chile

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Elisa loncon

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Elisa Loncón will be the president of the Constituent Convention

In a decision loaded with symbolism and a reflection of the spirit of the new Constituent Convention inaugurated this Sunday in Chile, Elisa Loncón was elected president of the body that must draft a new Constitution.

The 155 members of the Constituent Assembly that will make the new Constitution of Chile elected Loncón, a 58-year-old indigenous woman, this Sunday to preside over the body that will create the new Magna Carta, which must replace the current one, inherited from the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990).

Loncón, a Mapuche teacher, linguist and activist – the majority indigenous ethnic group in Chile – was elected by an absolute majority (96 votes) in the second round at the opening session of the Convention, which was stopped for almost an hour due to the protest of a group of constituents after the clashes in the center of Santiago between police and protesters.

“You can dialogue with us, don’t be afraid of us, because the politics of fear has also been installed a lot. In other words, an indigenous, Mapuche candidate is installed and there is a lot of prejudice. So, this is also a call to free ourselves from our lives. prejudices and interact on equal terms, “Loncón said in a recent interview with the Chilean newspaper” LaTercera. “

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