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Who is Ghislaine Maxwell, the ex-girlfriend of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein accused of recruiting minors for sex trafficking

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Ghislaine Maxwell drawing at a pre-trial hearing in New York

Image source, Reuters


Portrait of Ghislaine Maxwell, at a preview in New York.

From a high society woman and friend of British royalty, to facing up to 80 years in prison for one of the biggest sex trafficking scandals in recent times.

Ghislaine Maxwell, youngest daughter of British press mogul Robert Maxwell and ex-girlfriend of the late billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, sits on the dock this Monday, November 29, in a six-week process in New York that the US press defines as the “trial of the decade”.

Maxwell is accused of having helped Epstein sexually abuse underage girls and of having provided adolescents for sex trafficking to the billionaire, who committed suicide in a Manhattan cell in August 2019.

The prosecution is expected to expose Maxwell’s case in the coming days and preview evidence and witnesses in a media trial in which, however, cameras are not allowed.

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