Tuesday, April 16

Who is Kathy Barnette? Senate candidate running in Pennsylvania

The GOP primary race for Senate in Pennsylvania appeared to come down to two candidates: the Donald Trump-endorsed celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz and millionaire former hedge fund manager Dave McCormick supported by top Republicans. But in a new poll, Kathy Barnette, a political commentator, appears to have made it a three-way race.

Barnette’s late surge has alarmed some prominent conservatives, including Trump, who warned that Barnette could “never” win in a general election and raised questions about her past.

the latest RealClearPolitics average chicken Barnette showed less than three points behind Oz, and less than one point ahead of McCormick.

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Who is Kathy Barnette?

Barnette is best known for her career as a political commentator. She has appeared on Fox News and other conservative TV shows. She also hosts a Christian talk radio show.


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