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Who is Kevin Samuels as death rumors on Twitter have fans concerned?

YouTuber Kevin Samuels has been known by many and recently the social media influencer made headlines as Twitter had everyone convinced that he might be dead.

As of now, this has not been officially confirmed and it seems to be just another Twitter rumor. However, his fans have been concerned as the social media star has not broken his silence.

Nonetheless, fans are hoping he would come and engage with them soon as his last post dates back to 18 hours ago.

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Who is Kevin Samuels?

As per his Instagram, Kevin is an image consultant and makes videos regarding the same. Most of his content on social media revolves around the work he does.

He has over one million followers on Instagram, 80k on TikTok, 1.4 million on YouTube, and 277k on Facebook.

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The YouTube description for his page refers to him as a “lifestyle consultant” as well.’ Most of the time, Kevin would use his social media presence to engage with the audience while also sharing his messages.

Death rumors spread on Twitter

As of now, no official confirmation regarding Kevin’s death has been announced. The news first broke on Twitter with fans sharing his condolences.

At the same time, a social media page that goes by the name “gossiointhecitytea” shared a screenshot of a message that hinted Kevin was dead.

The message read: “CLR ADV She doesn’t know the apartment number but to ask for Kevin Samuels at the front desk CLR ADV there is an unresponsive male at the loc (breathing but not alert or conscious).”

While the message does have the name “Kevin Samuels” it is unclear if it is the YouTuber. At the same time, there is no proof of authenticity provided for the post that was shared.

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His last social media post explored

Amid the rumors, Kevin had been previously active on social media 18 hours ago. He had posted a new video with a caption that read: “Modern Women Are A Party of 1?’

In it, the social media influencer talks about how women tend to prioritize other things over relationships. While his ideas have been slammed by many, there are quite a few who follow him religiously.

Fans have also been concerned about him and asking if he is fine. Some of the reactions can be seen below:

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