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Who is Margarita del Val, the virologist who predicts the waves of the coronavirus

An image of Margarita del Val.

An image of Margarita del Val.

Talk about Margarita del Val It is talking about almost consummated events, events that are yet to come and that finally occur. The virologist most important in the country carries warning the population with their predictions and the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic since it began and is a safe value in its conclusions and warnings. With his statements came the second wave, and shortly after Christmas with the dreaded third wave. Now with the possible arrival of a fourth wave With Easter, Margarita del Val has returned to make statements about it.

“Mobility is growing dangerously above the recommended thresholds. “In this sense, del Val has an impact on an aspect that he already spoke about last week, when he predicted the arrival of the fourth wave, “we must save people, and not Holy Week”, referring to the flexibilization of anticovid measures that are being applied and that will allow a greater movement of people. The date of the next wave is near, “perhaps at the end of March” and its origin will be in Holy Week and Easter.

Who is Margarita del Val

Margarita del Val Latorre (Madrid, 1959), is a chemist by profession, but she is also a virologist and immunologist who works as a scientific researcher at the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC) and she is also a scientific researcher at the Severo Ochoa Molecular Biology Center (CBMSO).

The virologist has a doctorate in Chemical Sciences, at the specialty of biochemistry and molecular biology by the Autonomous University of Madrid. He did a post-doctorate in Germany, specifically at the Federal Institute for Research on Viral Diseases of Animals in Tübingen and later at the University of Ulm.

Upon her return to Spain, she was a researcher for 19 years at the Carlos II Health Institute. Since 2010 he works at the Severo Ochoa Molecular Biology Center (CSIC-UAM) in the capital of Spain.

Throughout his career he has directed and headed various research projects, even published various articles aimed at the younger population when the pandemic began to evolve. covid-19 in Spain.

Margarita del Val In recent months he has become one of the most demanded characters both by the media and the public. Its conclusions and warnings have permeated society in such a way that it is almost essential to know the evolution of the pandemic from its scientific point of view. Her more than 30 years leading important research projects endorse her.

Already warned of the third wave

His most famous prediction was that of the third wave. While the restrictions were lifted to save the Christmas campaign, the virologist warned the population that it was necessary to maintain them in order to survive a third round of the disease, but it was not like that, and her words were fulfilled.

In the month of November, the virologist explained in an intervention in the program ‘Más Vale Tarde’, that if during the celebration of Christmas care was not taken, “we will have to face a new wave that will be much harder. All we know what are the worst moments of the gripe, December and January, because they are when it is most contagious. We have one more serious disease and almost none of us have immunity against this virus, so we can catch many people “.

Now, at the gates of a fourth wave, his words resonate like those of a few months ago. Can a fourth wave arrive ?, Margarita del Val, is sure of it, and for this reason launches a clear message to the population: vaccines can generate a false sense of security to people who have received the immunization. That is why they must take into account that “they can be infected, but we do not know if a lot, a little or regular. They can infect, but we do not know if a lot, little or regular, ”del Val said on the Liarla Pardo program this past Sunday.

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