Tuesday, October 19

Who is paying for Trump’s court battle?



Donald Trump was very active this weekend on his Twitter account and insisted again that he is the winner of the presidential elections, accusing the media of “promoting” to the Presidency prematurely to Joe Biden, who “won because the elections were rigged. ‘ The US president maintains that irregularities occurred in several of the states that provoked electoral fraud against him, but at the moment he has not provided evidence and the lawsuits he has presented in court have not borne any fruit.

So far Trump has barely managedsome other minor victoryin court, where he has suffered setbacks like the one on Friday in two Pennsylvania courts where they were six lawsuits filed by his electoral campaign dismissed. The Trump campaign is waging a battle in court to prove the alleged “fraud.” To do this, they have asked the donors of the party “to fight” to defend the election and the 73 million “legal” votes that the president won, through donations ranging from $ 5. He is asking for a donation of around $ 60 million to continue the legal battle.

For its part, the Biden-Harris Democratic campaign He has not stood idly by and they sent an email to all his supporters explaining what happened: “We hope you read what the Trump campaign e-mailed to its supporters, and then contribute 25 dollars to the Biden Fight Fund to help us fight to protect Joe and other Democrats in court. ” Democrats need to raise $ 30 million to meet existing demands that the campaign itself has recognized “can be costly.”

And it is that in Wisconsin, The Electoral Commission has indicated this Monday that a new count of the ballots in that state, it would cost the Donald Trump campaign about $ 7.9 million (just over 6.6 million euros), after unofficial results have given Biden the win. According to unofficial results, Biden would have obtained 49.6 percent of the vote, which means 20,470 more votes than Trump, who would have 48.9 percent. According to state electoral law, the Trump campaign must pay those 6.6 million euros in advance and has until Wednesday, November 18 to make the request.

A team based in Virginia, just outside the capital, has already called half a million people to collate data and make sure that no one has voted for them. They call themselves the Voter Integrity Fund and are coordinated by Matt Braynard, who has already worked on the Trump campaign. It is supported by donations, and through a fundraising page, GiveSendGo, it has already amassed more than $ 640,000, about 540,000 euros.

The campaign also dropped a lawsuit in Arizona that he was looking for a manual review of all the ballots. And several Republican election observers in Michigan lost a complaint to stop vote certification in Detroit, as a judge rejected their allegations of fraud.

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