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Who is “Techo ‘e Paja”, the former Bolivian drug lord who was a partner of Pablo Escobar and has been arrested again

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Jorge Roca

Image source, Colombian Police


Roca Suárez after his arrest in March.

When there were almost no coca leaf plantations in Colombia, the Bolivian Jorge Roca Suárez was one of the suppliers of cocaine base paste for the Medellín Cartel.

Nephew of Roberto Suárez, who became known as the “King of Cocaine” in the 1980s, Roca was identified as being a strategic partner of the Colombian Pablo Escobar.

He spent almost three decades in prison in the United States for his links with drug trafficking and, after returning to Bolivia for a few years, he was recently detained again in Peru.

Nicknamed “Techo ‘e paja” for his auburn hair, Colombian and Bolivian authorities point out that he is part of an organization that sought to send huge amounts of cocaine to the United States.

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