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‘Who Killed Sara?’, The Mexican series that has unexpectedly crept into the most watched on Netflix | TV

Year after year, Netflix defines its priority titles, which it pampers with great strategies and detailed marketing campaigns to turn them into successes: there it was nothing ago Sky Red, the great novelty of March, from the hand of the creators of The Money Heist. But among the hundreds of premieres there are also examples that become the black horses of the season. Series that turn into unexpected phenomena without really knowing why. The most recent example is Who Killed Sara?, a Mexican series with an international cast that adds a new twist to the proven soap opera formula. In two weeks it has managed to be among the most reproduced in the service not only in Latin America but in countries such as Spain, Switzerland, Italy and Morocco. The series will premiere its second season on May 19.

The popular Colombian actor Manolo Cardona (The frog’s sign, Without breasts there is no paradise, Narcos) He’s the main character of the series. He plays Alejandro Guzmán, a man who was unjustly in prison for 18 years paying for the death of his sister Sara (Ximena Lamadrid), a crime that he did not commit and that posed as an accident by a criminal mind. The hero of the story served the sentence in favor of the powerful and corrupt Lazcano family, who manipulated the case to protect the first-born Rodolfo (Venezuelan Alejandro Nones). Alex leaves prison with a thirst for revenge on the entire clan, especially the dark patriarch, César Lazcano (the Spanish Ginés García Millán).

There could be no soap opera without forbidden romance. One of the problems faced by Alex, the lonely avenger who has among his painful baggage, in addition to the murder of his sister, the death of his mother, humiliated by the family misfortune. That is why Guzmán finds an ally in the least expected place. Elisa (Carolina Miranda), the Lazcano’s youngest daughter, realizes the trap of which Álex, a family friend since adolescence, was the victim. Elisa and Alex begin a relationship that complicates everything, but the couple soon discover that the crime was not Rodolfo’s responsibility either. His efforts are focused on discovering who devised the whole plot and was using all of them as pawns in the game.

Who Killed Sara? highlights all the characteristics of stories guided by revenge, a genre that has found a large audience in the cinematographic format, as sagas such as John Wick Y Takenby Luc Besson, who made a not-so-triumphant leap to the small screen in 2017. The series combines these elements of thriller classic with dramatic features and story twists typical of a high-end Latin American soap opera.

The team behind Netflix’s latest hit has long experience in the soap opera world. The Chilean José Ignacio Valenzuela, creator and writer of the series, had already shown his ability to plot intrigues in Family next door, broadcast in Chile in 2010. This popular telenovela was followed by productions of the same style shown in the main windows of the genre such as Telemundo and Televisión Azteca in Mexico. Director David Ruiz, who calls himself Leche Ruiz in Who Killed Sara? I had already accumulated hours of flight behind the camera in The pilot, the story of a woman who starts flying for drug trafficking. The series was on primetime on Televisa’s main channel in addition to being broadcast by Univision. The Caracas-born Alejandro Nones was also one of its protagonists, who connected with audiences that on paper seem as dissimilar as the Turkish and the Brazilian.

Popular faces from past soap operas reappear in the series, helping to understand the success of Who Killed Sara? Carolina Miranda was the face of the popular season three of Lady Steel, from Telemundo, which had an enormous penetration among the Hispanic public in the United States. The Colombian Ana Lucía Domínguez also repeats in the two series. It was in the fifth season of Acero and has made the leap to the Netflix thriller.

The second season promises to deepen the path that led to success. Actors like the Mexican Daniel Giménez Cacho, who did for Netflix, will jump on board Ravens Club, the first Mexican series of the American company. Giménez Cacho is now working on the project that represents the return of Alejandro González Iñárritu to Mexico, a film whose details have been carefully guarded. Antonio de la Vega, who played an endearing goalkeeper in the aforementioned series, will also join Who Killed Sara? The second season will jump to the past, where Alex will discover that his deceased sister had an angle that he did not know and that many of his certainties were not what he thought. A resource to stretch the league typical of the soap opera tradition.

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