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Who the actress of Do not worry dear | Olivia Wilde: “Nostalgia is very dangerous”

Olivia Wilde.

The director premieres ‘Don’t worry, dear’, starring Florence Pugh and Harry Styles, about a housewife who begins to wake up in her fifties

Paradise is an arid desert in the suspense film ‘Don’t worry, dear’, signed by actress and director Olivia Wilde and which hits the screens this Friday. Florence Pugh stars as a devoted housewife named Alice with a daily grind: cooking, cleaning the house from top to bottom, and venturing into town for the grocery store. Her husband is Jack, played by Harry Styles, a guy who treats his wife like another decoration in the house. It’s the 50’s and its existence is surrounded by a characteristic splendor in the wealthy classes of the North American West. However, in this orchard of Alice there is a man named Frank, leader of the community, who will show the most sinister side of him when his young wife’s curiosity begins to sprout. “I have tried to focus on the problematic idea of ​​nostalgia. For everyone, but especially for a small part of the population, nostalgia is very dangerous. We started writing this movie in the Trump era, when the slogan came out: ‘Make America Great Again.’ This film questions that past to which you want to return. But you have to remember that everything you see on screen is a metaphor. The paradox of Victory (the community Alice lives in) is that everything that is beautiful is also sinister and is by design. I thought of the generation of women that came before us, and also of the generation of women of today because our bodily autonomy has been limited in many states,” explained the director during the presentation of the film, referring to the prohibition of abortion in several North American states.

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Directed by Olivia Wilde and written by Katie Silberman (from a story credited to Silberman, Carey Van Dyke and Shane Van Dyke), Don’t Worry My Darling is a somewhat see-through thriller that stomps when it should crawl and crawls when it should. speed up. “One of the main themes of the film is the control of chaos. The philosophy that chaos is destructive and that control leads to beauty and perfection is present in fascist philosophy. The film tries to suggest that if we try to control people we do not end up in a utopian end, since human nature is chaotic and by the same token nature cannot be tamed. We are saying that chaos is something organic and trying to control humanity is never a good idea, “says the filmmaker. For Wilde it is important to generate a conversation about the current situation of women in the United States. “I think what happens with this movie was unfortunately very timely because the idea of ​​wanting to control our bodies forces us to fight again. We have to continue that conversation. So I hope the movie sparks conversations. I hope it makes people think and question the system. I believe in movies like Trojan horse that are absolutely entertaining on the outside and have substance on the inside. The film is intentionally provocative. We want to be disruptive. I believe in disruption as a necessary tool in society» says Wilde.

The drama between the protagonists and the director

Whether we like it or not, the director of ‘Don’t worry dear’, Olivia Wilde, 38, and her boyfriend, the actor and musician Harry Styles, have fueled curiosity about their relationship, which arose during the time they worked on the film production. This added to the discord between all those who worked on the shoot, which led Styles’ predecessor (Shia LaBeouf) to abandon him and Florence Pough to ignore Wilde at the premiere in Venice, have made the film have a capital morbid face to the theatrical release. Wilde has tried to weather the media storm with aplomb. “The pressure on the internet is not going to make me question my film nor am I going to let it derail for something that has nothing to do with cinema.” The filmmaker took special care to support Pugh. “Florence’s performance in this film is amazing. It’s puzzling to me that the media prefers to focus on rumors and gossip, overshadowing her profound talent. She deserves more than that. Just like the movie, and all of us who worked on it.”

Harry Styles and Florence Pough.

At his side in the presentation, the former leader of One Direction seemed to embrace the tragicomic spiral in which “Don’t worry dear” has become, pitting him at one point against Chris Pine, at another against actor Shia LaBeouf and even against the star from ‘Ted Lasso’ Jason Sudeikis, former partner of Olivia Wilde. As for how Sudeikis, 42, fits into this gossip puzzle, it all came about when he ambushed Wilde with a “personal and confidential” cryptic envelope related to their child custody dispute onstage at CinemaCon when she was in full speech promoting the film.

This week, ‘Don’t Worry My Dear’ hits theaters, which means the internet can finally start talking more about the film than all the drama surrounding it. “I chose to do this film because I love the story, because there is a humor that I find very good taste and it presents a society that criticizes the patriarchy,” says Styles. Regarding the madness that is generated around him, the British actor and musician is very grateful to his fans. “I am incredibly grateful to the people who support me in my life and the fans in particular because they have always given me a place to be myself and feel comfortable doing what I do and express myself with the kind of music I want to make. I know that it is because of the support and the environment that they have created for me that I can enjoy this creative freedom and I would like to be able to return the same space to them”, he says. Regarding the toxicity in the networks, Styles prefers to focus his response on the support group that surrounds him. “I think your community is your core. A community is your family, your friends, the people with whom you surround your life. I think that’s more important in terms of what affects your everyday life than social media. This movie is a good example of the confidence one needs to progress. You can have one path with the right group of people and a different one with the wrong people, but you have to trust your gut,” he concludes.


The movie trailer.

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